Are Cavapoos ‘The Perfect Dog’?

We are often asked about The Fab Four. These are the most common questions;

  1. What breed are they? Cavapoos – a cross between a Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
  2. Are they related? No – they are all the same breed and the same age, but they are not related. We have been told that sometimes, siblings can bond with each other more than they bond with you.
  3. Why is Rosie bigger? Kai, Ruby and Lani are crossed with Toy Poodles; Rosie is crossed with a miniature poodle.

We chose the Cavapoo as a breed because it suited us in many ways, however, I would always be wary of an attempt to label any dog as ‘The Perfect Dog’. There is no such thing. When choosing a dog, you must find a particular dog or breed that suits YOUR lifestyle.

And remember. Although our four are all the same cross; all the same age – they have four completely different personalities. Kai is shy and understated; ‘Princess’ Ruby is fussy and highly strung; Rosie loves EVERYTHIIIING!!!!! and Lani – she is a Mini Minx…

Cavapoos get lonely…

Here are some Key Cavapoo Characteristics;

  1. Intelligent – Poodles are one of the most intelligent breeds of dog, second only to the Border Collie. This makes them very easy to train. However, this does mean that Cavapoos need plenty of mental stimulation.
  2. Loving – Cavapoos are well known for their love of human company. They adore everyone and are generally good with kids.  However, they are needy and suffer from separation anxiety, so they are not a good choice if your lifestyle requires you to leave them for long periods.
  3. Energetic – although they are small dogs and may not be as manic as some of the Poodle crosses with working dogs, Cavapoos do need at least one hour of good exercise every day to keep them fit and happy. The nice thing about our Cavapoos is that after their walks, all they want to do is snuggle and cuddle rather than doing a wall-of-death around the caravan.
  4. Non-Shedding / Hypo-allergenic – are you sure? This is a trait derived from the Poodle. Since Cavapoos are a cross breed, there is no guarantee that the Poodle genes will be passed on. Some Cavapoos do shed and not all are hypoallergenic. Ours don’t shed on a day-to-day basis, but they do lose lots of hair when we groom them. Dog allergies can also be caused by things other than fur, such as saliva as the dog licks itself.
  5. Regular Grooming Required – Cavapoos need regular grooming. We comb ours about twice a week. Since we are on a budget, we groom them ourselves, however, if you want this done professionally, expect to pay approximately £40 per dog per session.
  6. The Poodle Fading Gene – Poodles are noted for having a gene which causes their colour to fade as they get older. This also happens with Poodle hybrids, so don’t be disappointed if your Cavapoo changes colour.
  7. Mucky Pups – Cavapoos just love water and exploring muddy puddles. If you don’t want your house full of sand, sea water and mud, Cavapoos might not be for you!
Cavapoos love mud… Kai is pretty pleased with his makeover

8. Health Issues – Both Poodles and Cavaliers are prone to specific health issues. To avoid heartbreak and high vet bills, it is imperative that you choose a reputable breeder. A good breeder will health-check the parents and should understand the genetic lineage, to avoid crossing lines that are too close to each other. The popularity of Cavapoos sadly encourages puppy farmers and amateur breeders in search of a quick buck, so do your research.

For a comprehensive guide to the breed, click here.

Please also consider this heartbreaking cautionary tail; A Must Read Warning for Future Doodle Owners

Cavapoos are very adaptable

Where Can I Find a Cavapoo?

  1. Sylmyl Cockapoos – the breeder from whom we bought our little Kai. Although Sylvia specialises in Cockapoos, she has the occasional litter of Cavapoos. I would not hesitate to recommend Sylmyl.
  2. Adopting a Cavapoo – not all dogs who require a re-home are problem dogs. The main dog re-homing charities, such as Battersea, the RSPCA or Dogs Trust will get the occasional Cavapoo, however there are a couple of charities who specialise in re-homing Doodles (Poodle Crosses.)
    1. The Doodle Trust – matches Doodles with Forever Homes. The website also offers advice and information on whether a Doodle is for you and how to look after them. TDT is also currently looking for temporary, foster homes.
    2. Doodle Aid – re-homes and fosters Doodles. They are looking for volunteers and fund raisers to help their work.
    3. Facebook – there are a couple of specific doodle-rehoming groups on Facebook.

For a checklist of the 10 Steps to Buying a Puppy and downloadable Puppy Contract, click here.

There is no doubt that a healthy, happy Cavapoo is a wonderful companion but just be aware that although they are Practically Perfect, there is no such thing as a Universally Perfect Pooch!

Kai – A Practially Perfect Pooch!

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7 thoughts on “Are Cavapoos ‘The Perfect Dog’?

  1. Ah, we all think our dog is the perfect dog. I didn’t always have English Springer Spaniels but I don’t think I would want anything else now. I have one perfect one and one dufus dog. They like to do what we like to do so that is a good thing. 😃

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    1. The Fab Four are definitely perfect! “If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.” – Roger A. Caras.


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