How to Improve Your Skiing IMMEASURABLY!

“You do it like this!” – Not All Ski Instruction is the Same…

Previously, we discussed why it is that “With Great Powder Comes Great Responsibility.”

I also mentioned that the prospect of skiing down seven Chilean volcanoes was how we discovered our tried-and-trusted way to get into the back country safely.

A side-effect of all this was that our skiing improved IMMEASURABLY! So pull up a pew and I shall tell you how!

Choose Your Tuition Wisely

On our first visit to Monte Rosa, we hired a local ski instructor to take us off piste for the first time. She took us up to Bettaforca on our unsuitable, narrow carving skis, then wiggled down the mountain, shouting over her shoulder “You do it like this!”

That was the full extent of her instruction and safety briefing.

We tried to do it like that during the lesson and failed. Then we tried to do it again in the same place the following day and Mark scored a grade 3 tear to the medial ligament in his right knee.

I think we can all agree; €100 well spent!

Snoworks – Worked for Us!

We were talking about Chilean Volcanoes(Click on this link to Vertical Drop Magazine to read more about the volcanoes!)

The Volcano trip was how we first came across the company Snoworks. Although we have now gained some off-piste experience, we still suffer from vertigo and with four dogs to consider, I am not sure that South American volcanoes will ever feature on our ski itinerary! Nevertheless, Snoworks has facilitated plenty of wonderful adventures for us closer to home – and has improved our skiing immensely, both on and off piste.

Well. Who doesn’t want to ski down a Chilean volcano?!

Snoworks is a British company run by Phil Smith and his wife, former Olympic downhill skier Emma Carrick-Anderson along with some top-notch British instructors. Tuition with Snoworks has improved our all-terrain skiing skills beyond measure, while getting us into a few winter wonderlands that are as remote and inaccessible to most people as a trip to the moon!

Breaking down the cost to a daily rate, a Snoworks course in Europe is not vastly different from hiring an instructor – but you can be absolutely sure that you will get top quality tuition! You will also be using suitable equipment, which makes the learning process a whole lot quicker, easier – and safer!

Among other courses, we have joined in several ‘Gressoney Back Country’ weeks. This course is a mixture of tuition and full days out with mountain guides. (Snoworks does run beginner courses but to join the Gressoney week, you will require some off piste experience. Click here to check out the Snoworks ski levels.)

Suffice to say that Snoworks has left me with many unforgettable memories of the mountains and a smile as big as the one that never leaves Snoworks’ instructor Nick Quinn’s face!

9th Feb 3.jpg
Snoworks’ Nick Quinn – wearing his customary facial expression!

Click here to read Snoworks’ blog exploring the difference between Ski School and Ski Coaching, 

And Finally…

6th Feb D.jpg
I used to cry on blue runs!

I have advanced in age some way past my half-century and was a nervous skier who used to cry on blue runs! The Snoworks All Terrain ski courses have improved my skiing beyond measure. I now have the confidence that I can stop when I want, turn when I want and cope with just about any kind of snow that the mountain can throw at me. I can ski steeps, ice and now, even appreciate that moguls have a purpose! I also know enough about the risks off piste to be EXTREMELY cautious…

If you want to improve your skiing AND your confidence, I really cannot recommend a Snoworks course highly enough!

Please note that I have no connection with Snoworks, other than as a very satisfied client. As always, my recommendations are based entirely on my experience – and are all paid for with my own money!

Spruce up your Snow Skiing in Summer!

Although 2017/18 season has been exceptional, with large dumps of snow STILL ongoing in the Alps, if you want to placate your passion on planks, there are opportunities to ski in Europe and around the world ALL YEAR ROUND!

The Scandinavian ski season kicks off in around April. Snoworks runs ski courses throughout the summer in Tignes as well as taking amazing adventure trips to destinations in the Southern Hemisphere, such as Chile and Argentina.  

If you want to hit the slopes with style next season, why not treat yourself to a summer ski holiday?!

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