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A Life Without Ligaments – And How to Avoid It!

9th Feb POW (3)
There is still much you can do without ligaments!

I am absolutely thrilled to have been selected as an Ambassador for Ratoong, a rapidly-growing website whose aim is to help skiers and snowboarders to compare, search and rate ski resorts – like Trip Advisor for skiers!

As a middle-aged lady with a dodgy knee, I am not your archetypal Snow-Sports Ambassador, but what I lack in those departments, I make up with enthusiasm. Since we gave up work to travel, Mark and I have spent our winters on the snow with our four pooches, and prior to that, we skied for as many weeks as our jobs would allow.

I am delighted that Ratoong has given me the opportunity to demonstrate that snowsports are for everyone, regardless of age, ability or gender. Continue reading “A Life Without Ligaments – And How to Avoid It!”

“There’s No Business Like Snow Business” – Our Season in the Alps!

The ever-changing views; from the top of Bettaforca, evening falls on the Champoluc Valley.

We are well into our three months here in Monte Rosa and have really got into the swing. We enjoy the ever-changing views of the mountains, the smell of log fires and the muffled silence of a snow-covered wilderness. The days have been a glorious blur of joyous ski descents and beautiful walks with the dogs under bluebird skies, followed by a sauna, a simple, hearty meal and a DVD.

Our skiing has improved markedly, although the only Italian that I can claim to have learnt is the word for Haemorrhoids. This is a condition from which the Italian version of Facebook seems to think I suffer, judging by the frequency of pop-up ads for some special kind of haemorrhoid-relieving toilet paper! Continue reading ““There’s No Business Like Snow Business” – Our Season in the Alps!”