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A Life Without Ligaments – And How to Avoid It!

9th Feb POW (3)
There is still much you can do without ligaments!

I am absolutely thrilled to have been selected as an Ambassador for Ratoong, a rapidly-growing website whose aim is to help skiers and snowboarders to compare, search and rate ski resorts – like Trip Advisor for skiers!

As a middle-aged lady with a dodgy knee, I am not your archetypal Snow-Sports Ambassador, but what I lack in those departments, I make up with enthusiasm. Since we gave up work to travel, Mark and I have spent our winters on the snow with our four pooches, and prior to that, we skied for as many weeks as our jobs would allow.

I am delighted that Ratoong has given me the opportunity to demonstrate that snowsports are for everyone, regardless of age, ability or gender. Continue reading “A Life Without Ligaments – And How to Avoid It!”