How Summer in a Ski Resort Will Improve Your Skiing

What? You’ve never seen the mountains green? You’re missing out! A woman once said, “Everyone should spend a summer holiday in a ski resort.” That woman was me. I guarantee that the slopes in summer will offer at least as many thrills as they do in winter, the same stunning scenery – and wonderful wildlifeContinue reading “How Summer in a Ski Resort Will Improve Your Skiing”

The Italian Jobsworth – A Brush With The Law in Coronavirus Lockdown

A recurring feature of our stay in Monte Rosa has been my Morning Worries. As we sip our coffee in bed, overlooking the snowy peaks, my night fears bubble to the surface. When I am forced to blurt them out, Mark addresses each one individually, with characteristic tenderness and empathy.

The Battle of the Oranges – The Carnevale di Ivrea

Fun for Non-Skiers Involving Flying Fruit & Friesians! Since we had non-skiing Dutch friends staying with us in Monte Rosa, it seemed only fitting to take them to an Orange Festival.

New Release: Pups on Piste – A Ski Season in Italy

In between our latest adventure and purchasing an ex-army truck for our next adventure, I have written a book about a previous adventure! Pups on Piste – A Ski Season in Italy documents the first three month winter season that we spent in beautiful Monte Rosa, one of the ski areas of the Aosta ValleyContinue reading “New Release: Pups on Piste – A Ski Season in Italy”