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How And When Can We Return to Road Tripping Safely in Europe?

When will we be able to do this again?

The question we are asked most frequently is, “What are your plans?”

Mark and I always have plenty of plans, although in these extraordinary times, there is no guarantee that any of them will come off. Nevertheless, by having plans in place and ready to go, we can respond quickly to the changing situation.

Yet even if the restrictions lift so that you can travel, should you hit the road? Here is our latest appraisal of the situation. Continue reading “How And When Can We Return to Road Tripping Safely in Europe?”

A Lockdown Lesson for the Environment as Earth Day Turns 50

Kai is at ease contemplating the universe, with some spring crocus which have appeared everywhere as the snows melt

“He is much more happy that at ease contemplates the universe as his own, and in it the sun and stars, the pleasing meadows, shades, groves, green banks, stately trees, flowing springs and the wanton windings of a river, than he that with fire and sword disturbs the world, and measures his possessions by the waste that lies around him.”

These words, written by John Aubrey in the 1600s, were never more relevant than today. First celebrated in 1970, April 22nd 2020 is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, an annual, global event designed to support environmental protection. Continue reading “A Lockdown Lesson for the Environment as Earth Day Turns 50”

Living the Dream in Lockdown – Our First Month in Italian Isolation

Living the Dream in Lockdown – At least we have each other!

I vowed always to be honest in my blog and not to pull any punches. Our ‘dream’ lifestyle has many advantages, but it is not always sunshine and rainbows.

Living the Dream in Lockdown has not been too bad, but three weeks in, I did have a little wibble. Continue reading “Living the Dream in Lockdown – Our First Month in Italian Isolation”

“Do More, Feel Better” – Why Not Learn A Language?


In Lockdown? Learn A Language Free At Home

On Tuesday 24th March 2020, the UK followed many other countries around the world and went into lockdown. With so many of us forced to find a way to cope with isolation, I hope to offer you some ideas, support and puppy love from Mark, myself and The Fab Four.

I was privileged to make a contribution to this article on learning a language, published on the excellent website, TravelAwaits; ‘A website by the 50+ Traveller for the 50+ Traveller.’

Please click the link to find out more about…

Social Distancing? Here’s How To Learn A Language At Home During Your Downtime”!

Continue reading ““Do More, Feel Better” – Why Not Learn A Language?”

The Italian Jobsworth – A Brush With The Law in Coronavirus Lockdown

Being stuck in a tranquil paradise is not sufficient to liberate me from Morning Worries

A recurring feature of our stay in Monte Rosa has been my Morning Worries.

As we sip our coffee in bed, overlooking the snowy peaks, my night fears bubble to the surface. When I am forced to blurt them out, Mark addresses each one individually, with characteristic tenderness and empathy. Continue reading “The Italian Jobsworth – A Brush With The Law in Coronavirus Lockdown”

Life In Lockdown – Our Coronavirus Quarantine in Italy


On Tuesday, 10th March 2020, Italy was locked down in a bid to control the largest Coronavirus outbreak outside China.

According to Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, ‘locked down’ means, “I stay home.”

The borders are closed and there are restrictions on all but essential travel. Pretty much everything is closed, other than food shops and pharmacies. Although tourists will apparently be allowed home, they have to justify their movements.

But just because we could move, does that mean that we should?

Continue reading “Life In Lockdown – Our Coronavirus Quarantine in Italy”

Locked Down in Italy – Our Novel Coronavirus Survival Strategy


Sunday 8th March 2020, in Northern Italy, I awoke to the headline;

Coronavirus: Northern Italy quarantines 16 million people

Outside China, Italy has the largest number of confirmed cases of the novel Coronavirus, nCoV, and Covid-19 disease and it is spreading rapidly.  Overnight, the President of the Council of Ministers issued a new Decree. The extraordinary decision had been taken to lock down one quarter of Italy’s population to contain the spread. The measures will remain in place until 3rd April 2020.

By the evening of March 8th, the decision had been taken to close public spaces such as museums – along with all the ski resorts in the Val d’Aosta. Continue reading “Locked Down in Italy – Our Novel Coronavirus Survival Strategy”