Dogs ‘n Dracula – A Ramble to Romania

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Lani, Kai, Rosie & Ruby at Corvinilor Castle in Transylvania

Like so much of what we do, our third year of touring happened by accident! Our tenants had moved out, so we had planned to spend the summer at home.

However, after only a week back ‘in the brick’ we both had itchy feet! We set off towards Spain and Portugal, but with record summer temperatures soaring towards the 50°C, we thought that it would be a bit too hot.

So we turned left!

Our unplanned trip took us to France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Romania. 


  1. We Pack Up Our Troubles & Climb Back Into The Bubble! – a harsh Fidose of reality and itchy feet got the better of our plans to spend the summer at home!
  2. A Brief Bark Around Britain – The Thames Path, The National Watersports Festival & ‘A Bit of a ‘Do”! – stricken in a pair of stilettoes, waggy tails at a windsurfing clinic & a visit to the City of Dreaming Spires.


  1. Beacon 6 & Black Magic in Brittany – And All Because the Lady Loves… What do Chocolate & Polar Exploration have in common? Find out as we go from Poole to Penthièvre.
  2. A Change of Heart – & A Change of Direction! – we were heading south to Spain & Portugal, but decided to turn left! 
  3. Paradise Found! Camping La ChassagneThe Auvergne; laid back land of lentils & volcanoes!