Dogs ‘n’ Dracula

Year 3 – Dogs ‘n’ Dracula – A Road Trip Through Romania

According to The Spectator, Romania is “Europe’s most overlooked holiday destination”.

According to everyone else, it was somewhere where we would be robbed, scammed, kidnapped by gypsies, eaten by bears or attacked by wild dogs and wolves – if we managed to avoid the floods and riots.

Join us as we cross the Carpathian Mountains on one of the world’s most dangerous roads and earn our colours as Adventure Caravanners.

We truly did ‘Boldly Go Where No Van Has Gone Before’.

And we adopted one of those ferocious wild dogs…

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Towing the Transfăgărășan – Crossing The Carpathians with a Caravan – Caravan Kismet joins the Mile-High Club as she crosses the second highest mountain pass in Romania. Dubbed ‘The best road in the world’ by Jeremy Clarkson, the Transfăgărășan also features on the website Dangerous Roads.

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This has been the hardest of the three books to write. To find out why, check out my launch blog here.

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FINALIST – Romania Insider Award 2019

Ambassador reduced

Dogs ‘n’ Dracula was a top 3 finalist in the 2019 Romania Insider Awards for the ‘Most Effective Promotion of Romania Abroad.’

The picture shows a copy of Dogs ‘n’ Dracula being handed to the UK Ambassador to Romania, Mr Andrew Noble, It was taken at The Gaudeamus International Book and Education Fair in Bucharest.

This photo was kindly sent to me by Nautilus English Books, who distribute Dogs ‘n’ Dracula in Romania.


WINNER – Chill With A Book PREMIER Readers’ Award 2022

Sitting on a beach in Montenegro one Sunday in September 2022, my day was brightened even further when I discovered that Dogs ‘n’ Dracula had received a Chill With A Book Premier Readers’ Award, which “is only honoured to books that receive exceptional high evaluations from all three Chill Readers.”

Dogs ‘n’ Dracula was evaluated by readers in the UK, Spain and the USA. Here are some of their comments:

“What a fun book, thoroughly entertaining… I laughed out loud many times. Ms Lambert has a delightful writing style, poised and confident.

“I loved the history of the various places, the descriptions of the people and their customs.”

Reader 1

“…not only an adventure for the author, but for the reader too… it was as if I was sitting next to them.”

“I found myself drawing in my breath on many occasions as they navigated the roads that read more like a fun fair ride.”

Reader 2

“I really enjoyed this book , the experience in each town , the tales of the fab four , Blades story , the food and culture , it was a complete insight into a country I knew nothing about …

“Do I now want to buy a motor home and have an adventure ? Yes !!”

Reader 3

A Few 5* Reviews for Dogs ‘n’ Dracula

Reviews above from and

  • A Delightful Book about the Nomad Lifestyle We’ve gone global! Click here to see a review of my book about British dogs in Romania featured on a wonderful Australian caravan website, Gum Trees and Galaxies!
  • This is a very well-written and lovely book. I laughed, gasped, gazed and sighed with them throughout. Click here to read the full review on the excellent blog Marvellous Memoirs: Reviews and Links.

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The Famous Five at Barsana Monastery in Romania. The Fifth Man is Blade, the ferocious stray who joined our fur family!

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