Our Exit Before Brexit


While the latest Brexit deadline of Halloween would not prevent us from entering the EU, there was a good chance that it would scupper freedom of movement for The Fab Four.

As such, we left early for our ski season and embarked upon a leisurely trip to the Italian Alps. Here’s how it went.

Our Out-of-Season Odyssey


  1. Our Exit Before Brexit – to guarantee a clean exit from the UK , we are definitely leaving before the deadline, no ifs, no buts, come what may.
  2. The Fur-Friendly Ferry to France – we travel in style in a dog-friendly cabin. 
  3. Hints on Heating, Heroines and Horses – Radon to Jargeau, France – we run into lots of problems – and run out of tea! 
  4. The Magic of Morvan; Jargeau to Vézelay, Bourgogne, France – we explore the magical, medieval bastions of Burgundy. And drink some wine. 
  5. Wine & Wonder on a Wet Thursday – Noyers-sur-Serein, Bourgogne, France – we play satnav roulette & discover the inspiration behind Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’. 
  6. Vents Violentes, The Beautiful Village & The Eternal Hill – Vézelay to Les Abrets, Isère, France


  1. Barolo or Bust – Camping Sole Langhe, Vergne, Italya lesson in leccy and a trauma in the terroir! 
  2. A Dog-Friendly Wine Tour, Barolo, ItalyThe Fab Four at large in the land of fine wines and Ferrero Rochers. 
  3. Dogs in Barolo Wine Museum & A Template for a Long Lost Tattoosome nasty surprises as we revisit Barolo castle!

Building The Beast – Our Brexit Busting Plan

  1. Our Brexit Busting Planour strategy to continue our travels, now that Brexit has happened. 
  2. Carbon Footprints & The Beastwe justify our choice to live in a thirsty truck.

If You Are Worried About Brexit

  1. Pet Travel After Brexit – the only certainty about Brexit is uncertainty, but here are the three possible outcomes and how to deal with them. 
  2. Brexit Blues – How Brexit Will Affect European Travel