The Coronavirus Chronicles


Life in Lockdown – Our Coronavirus Survival Strategy

I have said before that if you want to make the gods laugh, tell them your travel plans. We ecaped Brexit – and found ourselves in quarantine!

Since 8th March 2020, we have been in lock down in a deserted ski resort in Italy where we were spending our fourth winter season. We had planned to continue our travels to Poland and The Baltics. This clearly is not now an option, which is disappointing, but we are trying to make the most of the situation, enjoying the scenery and learning new skills online.

On 20th March 2020, the Italian lockdown was ramped up and we were confined to barracks. All outdoor physical activities are banned and we can only take the dogs outside for necessities in the vicinity of our place of residence. Although the UK Government has called back British nationals from abroad, we cannot return to the UK; there are no passenger ferry services and even if we could get a crossing on the Eurotunnel, since UK lockdown was announced on 24th March, all campsites are closed and as caravan nomads, we quite literally have nowhere to go.

Fortunately, we have been given leave to stay in our apartment. Despite having had itchy feet as early as February, we are trying to view lock down as a precious gift of time and hope to offer some inspiration and positivity to the many others who find themselves in a similar situation.

  1. How to Survive Coronavirus – Even If You’re Caught in a Hotspot – in the midst of all the hype and hysteria, as a scientist, I search for the facts.
  2. Locked Down in Italy – Our Novel Coronavirus Survival Strategy – where are we? Are we in danger? And why won’t we move on Friday 13th?
  3. Life In Lockdown – Our Coronavirus Quarantine in Italy – includes how to halt misinformation, whether to cancel your plans & what to do if you run out of toilet paper.
  4. 10 Tips to Make Covid-19 Isolation SPLENDID! – since we’ve been in lockdown longer than most, we offer a few ideas on how to keep yourself occupied. 
  5. “Do More, Feel Better” – Why Not Learn A Language? – improve as you isolate. It is PROVEN to keep your brain healthy & I guarantee it will enhance your travels! 
  6. Stuck at Home and Running Out of Ideas? 5 More Things To Do in Lockdown
  7. The Italian Jobsworth – A Brush With The Law in Coronavirus Lockdown – how life has changed in a few short weeks. We come to terms with bureaucracy at its most bizarre.
  8. Living the Dream in Lockdown – Our First Month in Italian Isolation –  even ET got to go home. I coped well, but have a wibble when I truly become a castaway.
  9. A Lockdown Lesson for the Environment as Earth Day Turns 50Adders, Avalanches, Vultures & how destruction of our planet connects to Coronavirus.
  10. Our First Taste of Freedom on Star Wars Day!May the Fourth Be With You as lockdown lifts a little in Italy. 
  11. How The Greatest Rock Climber in the Alps was Saved by the Hunter King & a Poachera wonderful wildlife encounter!
  12. 8,000ft Walkies to The Source of the River Lys
  13. A Wander with Wild Flowers & Wildlife7,000ft walkies!
  14. The Dream House at Cialvrinohow finding our dream house made us realise we’re not ready to quit our nomadic lifestyle!
  15. How And When Can We Return to Road Tripping Safely in Europe?as lockdown lifts, is it safe to continue travelling & just because you can, should you hit the road?
  16. English Eccentrics & International Rescue
  17. How Summer in a Ski Resort Will Improve Your Skiing – it might surprise you. It’s not all about fitness!
  18. Who Stole My Morning Routine?farewell the tranquil life! 
  19. Carvings, Chamois & A Change of Perspective
  20. Into thin Air: Hiking the Valle di Salza – our last ‘big’ walk in Monte Rosa before we depart on our travels once again
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