Lorry Lessons for Ladies – Day 5: THE TRUCKIN’ TEST!

Finally, the day I was dreading had arrived. It was Trucking Test Day. I had two hours to scale and polish my driving skills before my Class 2* truck test at 09:33. If I failed, Mark and I would not be able to depart on our next trip until I’d successfully secured another test dateContinue reading “Lorry Lessons for Ladies – Day 5: THE TRUCKIN’ TEST!”

Lorry Lessons for Ladies – Day 4

“How are you this morning?” I greeted my fellow students, shuffling from foot to foot in their customary huddle at the training centre. “Could be better,” replied Rob, who clutched a large can of Monster energy drink. “My car’s turbo blew up on the M25 on the way home. I was there nearly all night.”Continue reading “Lorry Lessons for Ladies – Day 4”

Lorry Lessons for Ladies – Day 2

My instructor, Ray, was waiting when I arrived at 7 a.m. sharp, but no fellow student Ollie. “There could be traffic, he’s coming from Chobham,” I said. Fifteen minutes passed with still no sign, so Ray rang the office, who said give him until 07:30.