Albania: Riots In Tirana & Getting A Go Anywhere Truck Stuck. Again…

Our first morning in Albania, and it was all drama before breakfast.

The headline read:

Clashes between rival fans and Albanian police in Tirana on the eve of the UEFA final left 19 police officers injured, while 80 fans were sent back to Italy for riotous behaviour.

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Can You Visit Malta In The Winter Time?

Thoughts of Malta usually conjure up images of lying on the beach soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the warm, clear waters. So what’s there to do when it’s not hot enough to swim? Well actually, this little island has so much more to offer than just the beach, making it the perfect holiday destination pretty much all year round. Here are some of the things you can enjoy in the winter time…

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Overlanding in Albania – Bari to Durrës

We weren’t sure what to expect in Albania.

At the end of WWII, Albania became Europe’s equivalent to North Korea; a secretive, closed and isolationist country. Albania spent four decades under the iron grip of paranoid extremist ruler Enver Hoxha. As a communist state, Hoxha aligned Albania first with Russia, then with China, but broke links with both when he deemed their ideologies too lax and airy fairy.

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Discovering The Dogs of Ancient Rome

I was thrilled to be asked for a guest post on the wonderful website Learning From Dogs.

Following the research I did following our trip to Pompeii, I was fascinated to find out the part dogs played in Roman society, and the impact they had on breeds we would recognise today. As such, I thought it would be interesting to cover the subject in more depth.

Click here to read my guest post Discovering The Dogs of Ancient Rome!

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