The Devil Children of Sandomierz, Poland

From our campsite, Camping Browarny, set in the grounds of Karpiński Manor, it was a swift yet energetic walk into Sandomierz old town, up a steep flight of more than one-hundred stone stairs.

The city is a medieval delight. Built on seven hills, it is sometimes known as ‘Poland’s little Rome’.

To see the sights without crowds, we went in early for breakfast. As we stepped into the Rynek (market square), Mark and I exclaimed in unison,


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Łańcut to Sandomierz – A De-Camp by Committee, Poland

Caravan Kismet on our pitch before the arrival of the tent and French motorhome!

“That will make getting out tomorrow interesting!”

The campsite had plenty of space, but Mark’s comment referred to the French motorhome positioned directly in front of Caravan Kismet and the large tent to the right. With a fence to our left, we were hemmed in. Our only exit was backwards, and that route was anything but straightforward. We would need to reverse around a right angle on to a narrow bridge, while avoiding a tree, a hedge, a fence and a ditch four feet deep. However, Mark had a plan.

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Łańcut – Poland’s Hampton Court & The Revenge of the Ghost Mouse of Eguisheim

It was Łańcut where we finally solved The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Light Grime.

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Adventure Caravanning Podcast with Jackie Lambert!

I was delighted to find myself in the esteemed company of multi-award-winning and bestselling authors as a guest on the podcast, A Cup of Tea with Alan.

The podcast, hosted by author Alan Parks, features interviews with indie authors from around the globe.

If you want to hear first hand how Mark and I Seized the Day and gave up our careers to travel, why we refer to ourselves ‘Adventure Caravanniers’, and all about our plans for more extreme travels in ‘The Beast’…

Listen Now on the Links Below!

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