Trucking Good T-Shirts – To Reflect Overland Travel & Dogs!

I am so thrilled to announce the launch of World Wide Walkies’ very own merchandise shop, powered by Spreadshirt/Spreadshop. The products are available just in time for us being on display at the spring edition of the Adventure Overland Show at the UK’s Stratford-Upon-Avon Racecourse.

Even better, there is Free Standard Delivery from 12th – 16th April 2023!

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Join Me, Win Books, Ask Me Anything!

I’m delighted to be ‘in residence’ throughout the day in We Love Memoirs, a Facebook group which connects authors of true stories with those who love to read them.

If you’re interested in:

* Giving up work to live your dream

* RV Travel

* Travel With Dogs

* Getting off the beaten path

Why not join me on 5th April 2023? Ask me anything you like – and you automatically be entered into a draw to win one of 8 free e copies of any of my books.

I shall be throughout the day on We Love Memoirs, the friendliest group on Facebook.

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Gjirokastra, Albania: A City With Two Tales

Thus, quick Argjiro,
Ran with her baby girl,
Swung like a bird in the wind
From the fortress to the abyss,

Rock on rock thus broken,
She fell like a star,
but was not extinguished

Ismail Kadare – excerpt from his poem, She Fell Like A Star, But Was Not Extinguished

Gjirokastra’s skyline is dominated by its enormous castle, also known as ‘The Fortress of Argjiro’. In his 1960 poem, She Fell Like A Star, But Was Not Extinguished, local poet, Ismail Kadare, sheds light on the legend behind the naming of both the fort and the city.  

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