The Great Escape: Lublin to Poznań, Poland

“It’s not a matter of if, but when this driver will have an accident. I can pinpoint exactly the timing of this accident. It will happen just after his luck runs out.”

This was one of Mark’s early driving assessments as a young and feckless courier. I plagiarised it now to deliver judgement on the truck driver, once I dared to uncover my eyes. Rounding a blind bend, we had come nose-to-nose with an articulated lorry, who had seized the day – and zero visibility – to pass a tractor.

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Packing List for Travel With Dogs

This post has been produced in partnership with dog behaviourist Nicky Crowe of Chilled Out Dogs, who is happy to offer online courses, advice and consultations.

Includes FREE printable packing list.

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The Devil Children of Sandomierz, Poland

From our campsite, Camping Browarny, set in the grounds of Karpiński Manor, it was a swift yet energetic walk into Sandomierz old town, up a steep flight of more than one-hundred stone stairs.

The city is a medieval delight. Built on seven hills, it is sometimes known as ‘Poland’s little Rome’.

To see the sights without crowds, we went in early for breakfast. As we stepped into the Rynek (market square), Mark and I exclaimed in unison,


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