Witches, Wurst & Walpurgisnacht, Harz, Germany

Peter Ustinov said, “Love is an endless act of forgiveness.” For Mark and me, living the dream had become an endless act of problem solving.

We had done our best. At the first hint that France was ‘bubbling with coronavirus’ and might lock down, we’d made a homeward dash from the Ukranian border. Now, in Germany, our time had run out.

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The List That Had Me Laughing Out Loud!

Shepherd.com is an exciting new way to discover books online. On the website, each list of the five best books on a topic is recommended and reviewed by experts in the field; i.e. authors with authority on that subject. 

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A Fight at the Opera & Other Startling Tales, Berlin, Germany

Travel throws up all kinds of odd and unexpected scenarios. Finding replacement tyres in Poland; improvising a caravan stand from a jack and a large tin of peaches; rushing back to the UK when your mother and brother are taken into hospital on the same day for different reasons. All run-of-the-mill stuff to the perpetual nomad.

However, I never envisaged launching an international missing person hunt from Berlin.

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Adventure Overland & International Campervan Show Stratford, UK – Come & See Us!

Two events for the price of one!

The ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW featuring mainly 4WD vehicles and its sister event the INTERNATIONAL CAMPERVAN SHOW featuring mainly 2WD vehicles will take place at Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse over the weekend of 18th – 19th September 2021.

Come and See Us!

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