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Our Brexit Busting Plan

St Lucia – but is it still paradise if you can’t leave?

In St Lucia on my 40th birthday, a local told us, “I wish I had a French passport, then I would be able to travel freely, wherever I want.”

Effectively, he couldn’t leave the island. To travel almost anywhere in the world, he needed a visa, which he could only obtain from Barbados. St Lucia is poor. With 30% unemployment, the likelihood of most St Lucians being able to afford to travel to Barbados to get a visa was close to zero. The man did not have Freedom of Movement; his options were limited. He could not choose where to go to live and work nor could he go elsewhere for a holiday, to study or to better himself. He lived in what we would call paradise, but we had choices. For him, it might as well have been a prison.

I remember feeling humbled. By an accident of birth, I held a British passport; one of the most powerful passports in the world. I realised that I took my freedom to travel so much for granted that until then, I had never even given it a thought.
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Pet Travel After Brexit

This may not be so easy post-Brexit

“If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” – Woody Allen

We were supposed to be on a ferry bound for Spain and Portugal this week, but He must have found out. Three days before they were due to move in, our prospective tenants let us down. Two days later, a second set of tenants gave notice. And then last Monday, we went to visit the vet…

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