Fur Babies in France

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Our First Year – La Traversée de la France!

Here are links in chronological order from accidentally buying a caravan, deciding to give up work to tour full time – and the adventures (and mis-adventures) that we had in our first year as we traversed France!

For more detailed maps with links to the relevant blogs in each area, click Maps

For site reviews & a run down of things to do in each place, click here.

From First-Time to Full-Time…!

  1. World Wide Walkies – The First Step – discovering the path to true happiness.
  2. How to Accidentally buy a Caravan – from “who on EARTH wants a caravan?” to caravan keepers!
  3. Carry on Caravanning – Part 1 – the decision to tour full-time & how to finance it.
  4. Carry On Caravanning – Part 2 The Maiden Voyage – “All the Gear and No Idea!” our first ever caravan experience.
  5. Livin’ the Dream Week 1 – Hare Farm, Twyford – fox poo, ticks & goose eggs; a caravan manoeuvering course & near death experience! 
  6. Livin’ the Dream Week 2 – Pebble Bank Portland – “You can’t read that in a book!” Storms, a sunken road & a COLOSSAL sense of humour failure! 

La Traversée de la France!

Brittany – Poitou – Indre – Loire – Savoie – Isère – Drôme – Lozère – Dordogne – Atlantic Isles – Brittany!
  1. Livin’ the Dream Week 3 – The Great Continental Divide – Post-Brexit Europe; 4th week – 3rd severe weather warning; pups in PRISON & a pitching debacle. 
  2. A Postcard from Quiberon – Part 1– blighted by breakages, tricked by technology & foiled by French fusion cuisine; a trip to the vet; the most expensive fish in the world – & a road trip to NOWHERE!
  3. A Postcard from Quiberon – Part 2– lost at sea; French by numbers; more culinary capers…
  4. Avanton, Poitiers – Pays du Futuroscope – historical celebrities, EARN that Yorkie & the Aquaroll Approximation.
  5. Argenton sur Creuse – A Hold Up with a Hairpin! – how to maintain a successful relationship when you drive each other round the bend! 
  6. Digoin – Now That’s What I Call a River Walk! – caravan envy, a National identity crisis, Lollipop Ladies & ships in the sky. 
  7. En Route Again – Challes les Eaux – vulcanicity, the Debut Ding, avoiding the Pains of Aix – plus Perceptions of Proper Peaks!
  8. The End of the Line – Sixt Fer-à-Cheval – Flash Floods, Unlucky Jim, Killer Sheepdogs – & The Kamikaze Chemi Khazi! 
  9. Unlucky Al-levard! – slips, trips, falls; mud, misdirection, missing millions – and some rude-sounding place names!  
  10. A Trip Down Memory Lane – Merths & Memories in Marsanne & Mirmande!
  11. Happy with our Lot at the River Café – Lozère;”The Corner of SW France that the British haven’t discovered!”
  12. Taking it Easy in Les Eyzies – a dazzling dalliance in the Dordogne. 
  13. Island Life – Boyardville, Île d’Oléron – a Storm in a Teacup, The Ubiquitous Evil & The Wrong Kind of Wind! 
  14. Holy Fools – Île de Noirmoutier – In search of the world’s most expensive potato, the longest submersible road in Europe and The Perfect Storm.
  15. Island Life – Île de Noirmoutier – Moulins, Malodorous Mongrels & Mission Mussel!
  16. St Coulomb – Back Home to Mr Cock Up! – “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm…”
  17. Le Cock-Up on the Côte d’Émeraude – on the Maladroit Mastery of Multiple Moves, the Perilous Pitfalls of Polarity & the Liabilities of Loss & Levelling!

And Back in Britain!

  1. Blighted Back in Blighty – the course of caravanning never did run smooth…and here – an important lesson!
  2. Home – and Briefly Back ‘In the Brick’! Pecuniary Pandemonium; the Subconscious Rejection of a Conventional Lifestyle & STOPtober…
  3. Adventures Off Grid – Setthorns, New Forest – The answer is ‘Wednesday’; but what was the question?!
  4. Black Monday – Trouble at t’Mill, Lancashire. – “Travel broadens the Vocabulary…” join us for our WORST EVER DAY caravanning!
  5. And in Conclusion… – “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” We take stock of our 1st year – and decide what’s next!

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