Fur Babies in France

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Our First Year – La Traversée de la France!

Here are links in chronological order from accidentally buying a caravan, deciding to give up work to tour full time – and the adventures (and mis-adventures) that we had in our first year as we traversed France!

For more detailed maps with links to the relevant blogs in each area, click Maps

For site reviews & a run down of things to do in each place, click here.

From First-Time to Full-Time…!

  1. World Wide Walkies – The First Step – discovering the path to true happiness.
  2. How to Accidentally buy a Caravan – from “who on EARTH wants a caravan?” to caravan keepers!
  3. Carry on Caravanning – Part 1 – the decision to tour full-time & how to finance it.
  4. Carry On Caravanning – Part 2 The Maiden Voyage – “All the Gear and No Idea!” our first ever caravan experience.
  5. Livin’ the Dream Week 1 – Hare Farm, Twyford – fox poo, ticks & goose eggs; a caravan manoeuvering course & near death experience! 
  6. Livin’ the Dream Week 2 – Pebble Bank Portland – “You can’t read that in a book!” Storms, a sunken road & a COLOSSAL sense of humour failure! 

La Traversée de la France!

Brittany – Poitou – Indre – Loire – Savoie – Isère – Drôme – Lozère – Dordogne – Atlantic Isles – Brittany!
  1. Livin’ the Dream Week 3 – The Great Continental Divide – Post-Brexit Europe; 4th week – 3rd severe weather warning; pups in PRISON & a pitching debacle. 
  2. A Postcard from Quiberon – Part 1– blighted by breakages, tricked by technology & foiled by French fusion cuisine; a trip to the vet; the most expensive fish in the world – & a road trip to NOWHERE!
  3. A Postcard from Quiberon – Part 2– lost at sea; French by numbers; more culinary capers…
  4. Avanton, Poitiers – Pays du Futuroscope – historical celebrities, EARN that Yorkie & the Aquaroll Approximation.
  5. Argenton sur Creuse – A Hold Up with a Hairpin! – how to maintain a successful relationship when you drive each other round the bend! 
  6. Digoin – Now That’s What I Call a River Walk! – caravan envy, a National identity crisis, Lollipop Ladies & ships in the sky. 
  7. En Route Again – Challes les Eaux – vulcanicity, the Debut Ding, avoiding the Pains of Aix – plus Perceptions of Proper Peaks!
  8. The End of the Line – Sixt Fer-à-Cheval – Flash Floods, Unlucky Jim, Killer Sheepdogs – & The Kamikaze Chemi Khazi! 
  9. Unlucky Al-levard! – slips, trips, falls; mud, misdirection, missing millions – and some rude-sounding place names!  
  10. A Trip Down Memory Lane – Merths & Memories in Marsanne & Mirmande!
  11. Happy with our Lot at the River Café – Lozère;”The Corner of SW France that the British haven’t discovered!”
  12. Taking it Easy in Les Eyzies – a dazzling dalliance in the Dordogne. 
  13. Island Life – Boyardville, Île d’Oléron – a Storm in a Teacup, The Ubiquitous Evil & The Wrong Kind of Wind! 
  14. Holy Fools – Île de Noirmoutier – In search of the world’s most expensive potato, the longest submersible road in Europe and The Perfect Storm.
  15. Island Life – Île de Noirmoutier – Moulins, Malodorous Mongrels & Mission Mussel!
  16. St Coulomb – Back Home to Mr Cock Up! – “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm…”
  17. Le Cock-Up on the Côte d’Émeraude – on the Maladroit Mastery of Multiple Moves, the Perilous Pitfalls of Polarity & the Liabilities of Loss & Levelling!

And Back in Britain!

  1. Blighted Back in Blighty – the course of caravanning never did run smooth…and here – an important lesson!
  2. Home – and Briefly Back ‘In the Brick’! Pecuniary Pandemonium; the Subconscious Rejection of a Conventional Lifestyle & STOPtober…
  3. Adventures Off Grid – Setthorns, New Forest – The answer is ‘Wednesday’; but what was the question?!
  4. Black Monday – Trouble at t’Mill, Lancashire. – “Travel broadens the Vocabulary…” join us for our WORST EVER DAY caravanning!
  5. And in Conclusion… – “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” We take stock of our 1st year – and decide what’s next!
  6. So. What Did We Learn?! – “We Made the Mistakes so that You Don’t Have To!” Going from First Timers to Full Timers was a steep learning curve. Here, you can benefit from our ineptitude!


Please note that the purpose of my blog is simply to inform and entertain, not provide professional advice. Please see my Disclaimer for further information. 

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