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This is the windsurfing section of my blog. Windsurfing has brought much pleasure into my life; it is an exhilarating sport in itself, although, it has also introduced me to countless wonderful experiences and through windsurfing, I have met lifelong friends.

I am involved with the NWF ((National Watersports Festival) because it aims to  make watersports accessible to everyone. I want to help others to experience some of the joy that watersports have brought into my life.

The NWF encompasses windsurfing, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding), Kayaking SCUBA and Dinghy Sailing. Even if you have never tried watersports before, at the NWF you can have a taster session in any or all of the sports for free! If you are already into watersports, the NWF attracts some of the TOP people in the sports, who are there to share tips, advice and give demonstrations, again, all for free!

Click on the links below if you would like to read some of the blogs and articles that I have written for the National Watersports Festival.

And click here to read an article about Mark and I in ‘Boards’ magazine, entitled Mr and Mrs Windsurfing. Not that we’re obsessed or anything…


  1. The Story of Creation – An irreverent look at how the NWF came to be.
  2. Windsurfing – A Blaggers Guide – How to bluff your way in windsurfing.
  3. Foiled by Foiling – The Whys & Wherefores – as well as the Who, What, Where & Hows of this amazing new sport. “If planing is your cocaine, FOILING IS YOUR SMACK!”
  4. Finding a Sport for All Seasons – Why not try ‘the other one?’ SUP!
  5. What Has the NWF Ever Done for Us? – Well, what HAS it done for us?!
  6. Strange Goings On at the WTF – A peek into the quirkier side of the NWF.
  7. Weymouth Speed Week – A look at the history of speed windsurfing & current windsurfing speed records.
  8. 10 Facts about Pirates – Well ‘Pirates’ was the 10th Anniversary fancy dress theme. Who doesn’t want to know about pirates?!

Ladies who Launch

  1. 50,000 Women Can’t be Wrong – Windsurfing is for ladies too!
  2. Women. Know Your Limits! – Windsurfing is definitely for ladies too! 
  3. Here Come The Girls! – Yes. Really. Ladies CAN Launch…
  4. Karin Jaggi – An interview with a lady who holds just 29 world titles – and counting…
  5. Zara Davis – The only woman in history to hold 2x World Records simultaneously.
  6. How Was It for You? – My first ever windsurf race.
  7. NWF Team Rider – Jackie Lambert – And who’s this? My Team Rider Biog.

Top Tips

  1. 20 Things I Wish I’d Known – 20 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started Windsurfing.
  2. Hot Tips for a Cool Spring – Some tips on safety in cold weather.
  3. How to Avoid Surfers’ Eye – Sun protection is important, especially for eyes!
  4. Is it Safe? – How to choose suitable conditions so that you can live to surf another day!
  5. Plastic Fantastic – 5 Ways to Help Keep the Sea Plastic Free
  6. A Post Session Pint – A barrel of brewing wisdom from a former beer taster!
  7. Raising the Roof Part 1 – Some advice on specifying roof racks.
  8. Raising the Roof Part 2 – Tie the Mother Down!
  9. A Windsurfers’ Guide to the Credit Crunch – Exactly what it says on the tin! 
  10. Can Management Consultancy Improve your Windsurfing? – A Road Map to rapid improvement!

NWF People

NWF Gurus

  1. Simon Bornhoft – “I learnt more in 10 minutes than I have done in years!”
  2. Jim Collis – A Duracell Bunny on Happy Pills!
  3. Jem Hall – Stronger, Higher Faster… re-energise your windsurfing with Mr Motivator
  4. Peter Hart – You can Lead a Course to Water, but you Can’t Make them Sink!
  5. I Didn’t Get Where I Am Today… – Why professional coaching is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Blasters from the Past (and Present!)

  1. Julian Anderson – An interview with 3x World Champ & 14x British Champ.
  2. Zara Davis – The only woman in history to hold 2x World Records simultaneously.
  3. Simon Dawkins – Topped the Course Racing & Slalom rankings for a decade.
  4. James Dinsmore – UK Slalom Champion.
  5. Jamie Hawkins – The man who beat Robby Naish!
  6. Karin Jaggi – A lady with just 29 world titles – and counting…
  7. 10 for the 10th – 10 of the windsurfing stars who attended the 10th Anniversary NWF.

Tales of the NWF

  1. The Dutchman’s Tale
  2. The Family’s Tale
  3. The Beginner’s Tale
  4. The First-Time Racer’s Tale
  5. The Professional’s Tale
  6. How Was It for You? – My first ever windsurf race – at the NWF.
  7. The Man Behind Surfmirrors.com





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