Rocky Mountain High – Colorado Capers

Cougars & Cliff Dwellings – plus The Four Oarsmen of the Apocalypse; a First Descent in the Four Corners! In The Four Corners, where Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico meet, we discovered the perfect combination of activity, sightseeing and relaxation, high in the rocky mountains. We based ourselves in Durango. You might not realiseContinue reading “Rocky Mountain High – Colorado Capers”

Thames Barge Racing – The Whitstable Barge Match

‘Barging In’: Win 1st Prize TWICE by coming 2nd, Alice’s Sea Bass – & Meet the Real Captain Birdseye! Huge, majestic craft with distinctive red-ochre sails, Thames sailing barges used to be the cargo workhorses of the River Thames and the Essex coast. Once a common sight; over 2000 barges plied these waters. Sadly, nowContinue reading “Thames Barge Racing – The Whitstable Barge Match”

Walking with Wolves

  Our wild weekend this time was Walking with Wolves.  In deepest, darkest Berkshire. Not usually the sort of place you anticipate hearing the eerie howls of Canis Lupus, baying lustily to the moon before setting out in a throat-tearing pack to dismember unsuspecting victims. There was certainly nothing eerie about the bright Saturday morning,Continue reading “Walking with Wolves”