It is not just our Fur Babies who are Powder Hounds.

We love the snow and this is where you will find information about our favourite resorts, wintry words-to-the-wise, plus parables from on piste – and off!

Parables from On Piste – and Off!

Stories in chronological order from our first 3-month season in Monte Rosa.

  1. The Italian Job – Pups on Piste; Monte Rosa – “You don’t look old enough to have given up work…” The start of our season in Monte Rosa. 
  2. Pups in POW! – The Mystery Muncher, a Day of New Experiences & Pathetic Pup Cam.
  3. A Viking Charm Offensive – and Other Oxymorons. – How to annoy people – including yourself!
  4. That Monday Morning Feeling… – Matterhorn Materialisations, Abbatoir Acoustics, & the Paw Perplexity.  
  5. The Vikings Have Left the Building – the Missing Minimercarto, the Chimerical Castle & the Pervasiveness of Plastic Boxes!
  6. Gressoney Back Country Ski Course with Snoworks;
    1. Day 1 – Tinkering with Transceivers & Descents with Dave.
    2. Day 2 – “Don’t miss the turn or you’ll go over a cliff.”
    3. Day 3 – Euan, ‘Eurika’ and Eagles, learning to ski steeps.
    4. Day 4 – A Better Bettolina Bassa!
    5. Day 5 – The Indren Inversion.
  7. Experiments on the Edge of Control – the gauntlet goes down on the 70mph club.
  8. STRANDED! –  “You could be stranded on the end of Brad Pitt’s ****, but your going to want to go home eventually!”
  9. “There’s No Business Like Snow Business” – Our Season in the Alps! – musings on our months in the mountains.
  10. Spring is Coming to the Mountains! – we encounter the snowy equivalent of antimatter!
  11. On the Road – You Must be Brave and Tireless… – The Art of Conversation; Grandma’s Advice on the Maintenance of Marital Bliss & Cracking Codes…

Resort Reviews

  1. Gressoney, Monte Rosa – Hidden Gem & Off Piste Ski Paradise! – a little piste of Italian heaven!

Skiing with Dogs

  1. Winterised World Wide Walkies – 10 Tips to Keep Chilly Canines Cosy! – invaluable advice if you are considering taking your furry friends to cooler climes
  2. Winter Walkies in Monte Rosa dog-friendly access to the mountains!
  3. “Pups on Piste – Dog Friendly Ski Vacation in the Italian Alps” – our fave walks in Monte Rosa. Four British Cavapoos in Italy featured on an American blog!  

Words to the Wise

  1. With Great Powder Comes Great Responsibility! – stay safe when you venture off piste. 
  2. How to Improve Your Skiing IMMEASURABLY! – I used to cry on Blue runs – this is how I went rapidly downhill from there! 


Please note that the purpose of my blog is simply to inform and entertain, not provide professional advice. Please see my Disclaimer for further information. 

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