Wishing You A Pawsome Christmas!

Celebrating Christmas with a Few Friends in the Alps – Blade, Ruby, Lani, Kai, Oscar (Mark) Lampo & Rosie.

From us all at World Wide Walkies, we hope that you have a Pawfect Christmas & that in 2019, all your dreams & wishes come true! 

Jacqueline_Lambert_Book_Adventure_Caravanning_with_Dogs - ReducedThank you to all of my readers around the world for your kind words and support throughout 2018. It has been a big year; my second as a blogger and my third as a full-time vagabond.

In 2018, we have developed a lasting love for Romania and gained an addition to the family; Blade, a stray whom we adopted in Transylvania. I am also very proud to have published my first book, ‘Fur Babies in France‘ – and humbled to have received 5-Star reviews on Amazon. Book 2; ‘Dog on the Rhine‘ is on the way on 1st March 2019.

World Wide Walkies will be taking a break until 2nd of January, since I am sure that you will have more important things to do over the Festive Period than wonder about ‘Three Campsites and a Graveyard’ in Slovenia. In the coming months, you can look forward to reading much more about our Romance with Romania, which has topped The Travel Chart as our favourite country EVER! 

Our travel plans for 2019 are very much up in the air due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Even if Brexit does go ahead on schedule, there will be a transition period and we believe that it could be some time before anything actually changes with regard to Continental travel. However, the very real possibility that we may be able to spend only 90 days in every 180 not only in the EU but in Schengen may rather scupper our plans for an extended tour of The Baltics next year. There is always a solution, though and we have a route skipping in and out of Schengen to head to Greece via some interesting countries like The Ukraine and Albania up our sleeve, if our axle can take it…

Or we might just go to Peru.

If Britain exits the EU, it is likely that travelling with pets will also become more of a headache. If Britain is no longer covered by the EU rules and Pet Passport Scheme, entry requirements will be at the discretion of each individual country.

You can be assured that we have done plenty of research on these matters, since they fundamentally affect our chosen lifestyle, but as yet there is nothing concrete to report. Until we know whether it is hard or soft, deal or no deal, an extension of Article 50 or another referendum, it is all just pure speculation. However, rest assured that we shall keep you posted.

In the meantime, have a Cool Yule. We hope that in the past year we have provided you with at least a little light entertainment and perhaps some travel inspiration. But more than that, we hope that whatever happens, Santa Paws will bring you your heart’s desire!

Pups with St Anna behind.jpg
Rosie, Lani, Ruby & Kai in front of a snowy St Anna in Monte Rosa, Italy

Happy Christmas!


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AD (After Dogs) - We retired early to tour Europe in a caravan with four dogs. "To boldly go where no van has gone before" - & believe me, we have! BC (Before Canines) - we had adventures on every continent other than Antarctica!

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