Our Second Book – ‘Dog on the Rhine’ Released Today!

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“I can’t wait for Books 2 and 3” said one of the reviews on Amazon for Book One ‘Fur Babies in France’. Well NOW IT’S HERE!

Pre-orders for the eBook have been performing well, earning a creditable ranking even before it went on sale. Amazon Bestseller Rankings change daily but at the time of writing, ‘Dog on the Rhine’ was ranked at #2 in ‘Rhine Travel Guides’ and #5 in ‘German Travel.’

Released on 1st March, both the paperback and eBook will be available just in time for National Read an eBook Week’ which runs from 3-9th March 2019.

Accompanied by our four cuddly Cavapoos, Kai, Rosie, Ruby and Lani, ‘Dog on the Rhine’ follows the true story of our second year on wheels with our accidental purchase, Caravan ‘Kismet’, towed by ‘Big Blue’; our trusty toy box and van.

Now with some actual caravanning experience under our belt, we got a bit more adventurous and crossed Germany before going for a brief Bark around Bohemia and the Balkans. (The Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia.) We suffered a few evictions, including one from Austria before stopping for a bit of R&R in Italy, a country where we did at least understand some of the language.

However, lest we mislead you into thinking that Livin’ the Dream is all sunshine and cornflakes, we tell it how it is. When we returned to the UK, we were confronted by a huge Fidose of Reality.

Big Blue & Kismet
Big Blue & Kismet at Podelwitz near Colditz, Germany

Including some top tips on travel planning as well as a Barrel of Brewing Wisdom (I used to be a professional beer taster!) ‘Dog on the Rhine’ will open your eyes to the road less traveled. We show you how to take a 7.3m caravan river rafting near Heidelberg; how to avoid getting into a fight when cycling with pensioners – and highlight lots of GOBs (Get Onyer Bucketlist!) in a few of countries where beer is a National Institution.

Our first book ‘Fur Babies in France – From Wage Slaves to Living the Dream’ received five-star reviews, with several readers saying that they “couldn’t put it down.”

  • “Laugh out loud funny… offers valuable information about travel with dogs…
  • “The book is beautifully written and I loved every sentence.”
  • “A well written, real, and honest travel guide with lots of useful information.”
Festung Konigstein (2)
Lani, Ruby, Rosie & Kai at Festung Königstein in the Saxon Swiss National Park

Dog on the Rhine; Adventure Caravanning with Dogs – From Rat Race to Road Trip’ and ‘Year 1 – Fur Babies in France – From Wage Slaves to Living the Dream‘ are both available as eBook or Paperback on Amazon.co.uk and other worldwide Amazon stores. The eBook costs £1.99 to download and the paperback costs £7.99 (plus postage if applicable.) Both paperbacks are available wholesale via Ingram Spark.

The third book in the ‘Adventure Caravanning with Dogs’ series ‘Dogs ‘n’ Dracula – A Romance with Romania’ about our third year touring Hungary, Slovenia and Romania will be available shortly for pre-order and will be released on Amazon on 1st June 2019.



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AD (After Dogs) - We retired early to tour Europe in a caravan with four dogs. "To boldly go where no van has gone before" - & believe me, we have! BC (Before Canines) - we had adventures on every continent other than Antarctica!

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