Stuck in Isolation? – Get Your FREE Amazon eBook ‘Pups on Piste’

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Mark and I are entering our third week of isolation in Italy. We’re keeping ourselves occupied (see 10 Tips to Make Covid-19 Isolation SPLENDID!) but have been racking our brains as to how we can help others.

I decided to make my latest ebook Pups on Piste – A Ski Season in Italy free on Amazon for as long as Amazon will allow. The offer runs from today, Thursday, March 19, 2020, 12:00 AM PDT to Monday, March 23, 2020, 11:59 PM PDT.

(Roughly 7pm GMT tonight until 6.59am GMT on Tuesday 24th.)

This is so that;

  1. People in isolation can have something light hearted to read.
  2. Those who have had their much anticipated ski holidays cancelled can get a vicarious ski fix.
  3. To help our friends with businesses in Monte Rosa by publicising their beautiful but little known ski area. Monte Rosa will really need your tourist dollars once things return to normal. Click here for my guide to Gressoney, Monte Rosa, Hidden Gem & Off Piste Ski Paradise

What’s The Book About?

Monte Rosa
Monte Rosa, the 2nd Highest Peak in Western Europe

With parables from on piste and off, Pups on Piste tells of my own skiing journey – from tears on a blue run to powder hound, along with how we got a full season on the snow when we, “don’t look old enough to have given up work.” And what we did for Winter Walkies with four pups in tow.

Although seemingly little-known, tucked under the second highest peak in Western Europe, one ski magazine placed Monte Rosa in ‘The Top 5 Off Piste Destinations In The World.’

6th Feb D
Monte Rosa – In the Top 5 Off Piste Destinations in the World

Once there, we get lost, stranded, conduct experiments on the edge of control and take a Back-Country Ski Course in which one instructor’s advice is, “Don’t miss the turn or you’ll go over a cliff.”

“Don’t miss the turn or you’ll go over a cliff.”

Join us in legendary powder, where you will learn a multitude of invaluable lessons about skiing, winter walkies, the revenge of the snow chains, surviving a Viking invasion and how to remove snow balls from the belly of a dog.

9th Feb POW (3)
Pups on Piste documents how I went from crying on blue runs to shredding in POW!

Please share with anyone who you think might enjoy a light but sporting read to pass the time.

Reviews for Pups on Piste

It’s early days for Pups on Piste, which was released only in February. Here is its initial 5* review on Goodreads from an Advanced Review Copy;

Charlotte rated it: it was amazing

Pups on Piste is a really fun and interesting book. It’s the second book I read from this author and I enjoyed it very much! While reading this book, you feel like you’re on a holiday yourself, together with the author, her husband and the four dogs. This time, they’re going on a skiing holiday in Italy for three months. They encounter many adventures and some problems. They also meet new people with interesting stories. Another thing I liked about this book is that the author gives useful skiing tips. I would definitely recommend this book.

Other Reviews

However, here are some reviews for my previous three books;

  • Brilliant – I loved this book. It is laugh-out loud funny and a great travel guide. It offers valuable information about travel with dogs… (Fur Babies in France – From Wage Slaves to Living the Dream)
  • Great Read – Really enjoyed this book. A nice light hearted read with a few useful tips thrown in.
  • Absorbing – Makes you want to leap out of your armchair/bed/sofa etc and go see the world. I love these informative and funny books. (Dog on the Rhine – From Rat Race to Road Trip)
  • An Inspirational Travelogue – I think it’s inspired me to do something similar. Lively and galvanic, with excellent reference material for armchair travelers wishing to convert to reality.
  • Another great read – This is a fantastic, fabulously written series, 100% recommended. (Dogs ‘n’ Dracula – A Road Trip Through Romania)
  • Armchair Travel Delight –  I love the writing style Ms Lambert has. It is almost as if you are sitting, enjoying coffee, while you listen to her vacation stories.
Me, with Lani, Kai, Rosie & Ruby


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