Give Your Hut A Little Love All Year Round

Some people still ask why having a beach hut is so great. If you love the sea and the beach
and the great British coastline, the rest should be self-explanatory! The British coastline is
receiving more attention than it has for, arguably, decades. So, if you own a beach hut, you
have a sought-after piece of property that’s not only perfect for trips to the sea in the Summer, but also all year round.

However, like a house or a boat, a beach hut needs a little love too in order to keep it in
good shape for years and visibly attractive. As you’ll probably know, for many people
renovating and decorating their hut to reflect the personality of its owner is all part of the

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Love Your Hut’s Beach Hut of the Year Competition gives beach hut and chalet owners a
chance to showcase their styling skills and win the prestigious title of Beach Hut of the Year
(just imagine Crufts of the beach hut world)!

So, here are a few things to bear in mind to keep your home-from-home clipped, permed and wagging its tail (if you catch my drift!)

Getting Ready for Summer

Wlaton-on-the-Naze. Photo by Nick Page on Unsplash

if you haven’t visited your hut for a while, the start of the Summer is a good time to touch up your hut, including painting, replacing any weather-damaged timbers, and checking the roof to make sure coverings are secure and waterproof. Wipe interior walls and ventilate

When Summer Is Here!

Beach Huts at Hengistbury Head, Dorset. Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

Once it’s in regular use and the sun shows its face, fire damage becomes a bigger issue. Don’t take a portable barbeque into your hut or use in an enclosed space and don’t dispose of it whilst hot into a bin.

Warm weather means a higher chance of vandalism and malicious damage so do keep an eye on your hut and your neighbours’ huts.

At The End Of The Summer

Southwold. Photo by Marian May on Unsplash

Properly preparing your hut for a period of hibernation can be one of the most important parts of the caring process. Make sure roof coverings are secure and remove fabric items from your hut. A desiccant water trap placed in the middle of the hut will catch any moisture. Make sure locks are fit for purpose and of good quality, and protect them from rusting by spraying them with a lubricant. Wipe them with petroleum jelly, wrap with cling film and then tie a plastic bag tight round the padlock.

Empty any bins, remove all perishable food, and put a plug in the sink to deter rodents.

A few simple precautions can mean a beach hut gives years of fulfilment. Often the small
things count because they all add up over the years.

Once you’ve got your hut protected and properly maintained then the fun part starts, adding your personal touches and style so that it becomes your private sanctuary by the sea. Proper care combined with an imaginative mind for decoration and renovation can make your hut the talk of the beachfront.

Beach Hut Of The Year Competition

Photo by Dave Kim on Unsplash

So, if you take great pride every year in making sure your hut stands out from the rest or has
a certain flair that you are proud of, then enter the Beach Hut of the Year Competition with
Love Your Hut. All you need to do is hop onto Competition Love Your Hut and apply today,
with pictures of your hut, and you could be in the chance of winning big prizes including:

  • A first-place bundle of a Fortnum & Mason hamper worth £100
  • A Love To Shop voucher of £50
  • And – a commemorative plaque for you to show off for the next season!
  • PLUS 5 runners up will receive vouchers of £50 to spend at B&Q.

The competition ends on the 26th August 2022, so make sure you get your entries in before then.

Good luck!

Mablethorpe. Photo by Abhishek Babaria on Unsplash

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4 thoughts on “Give Your Hut A Little Love All Year Round

    1. So would I, but you would need to save up for the ones at Hengistbury Head. I think the latest one sold for over £400,000!!!!
      You can buy them elsewhere for much less than that, though. The trouble is, they often stay within families. They are so romantic, though. I see people making themselves a brew and enjoying the beach from their huts even in winter.


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