Exciting News! New Anthology of Travel Tales

Available from Amazon on 26th September 2021!

I am delighted to be one of 20 authors who have contributed to this anthology of travel tales. If, like me, you have missed seeing the world these last few months, here is something to tickle your travel tastebuds, with contributions from established, award-winning travel writers.

Rafting the Zambezi

Come with us as we take an epic journey out of Africa, through the Indonesian jungle and raft the Zambezi. Ride a Harley through France and Spain and find out what makes someone a perpetual nomad.

Alyson Sheldrake

Have a guess who went down the Zambezi and who that perpetual nomad could be…

For more information, visit Alyson Sheldrake’s website. The ebook book is now available for pre-order; click here for a Universal Link to your local Amazon store.

A wonderful online photo album accompanies each book, so you can see the who, what, where, why and how! Here is the photo album for Book 1: Chasing the Dream.

Itchy Feet is the second book in the Travel Stories series. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first book, Chasing the Dream – A new life abroad, about people re-locating to exotic places around the world – and we’re not just talking about France and Spain! Here is the review I left on Amazon.co.uk.

Read the World!

I loved this enchanting insight into people chasing their dreams of a new life abroad. I couldn’t put it down!

This is not a line-up of the usual booze and bougainvillea suspects. It is a truly global compendium of expat experience; from Australia to Zambia, with Japan, Libya and a canal barge in the Netherlands set alongside pastoral idylls in places such as France, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Greece. The resourceful and adaptable people who penned this delightful smörgåsbord of life stories carefully planned, accidentally fell into, or made the best of a bad job during their jaunts around the world.

The book is curated from a variety of authors; from first-time-published to New York Times bestseller. However, the selection is excellent. Every story is beautifully written, and for me, the rich assortment of styles and voices really added to the diversity of destinations.

The accounts are very honest. You will laugh out loud, but it’s certainly not all sugar-coated ‘move abroad to a life of sunshine and rainbows’. You will see first-hand the difficulties of setting up in a new country–even places where you think the culture is like your own. Yet with great risk comes great reward and–in most cases–that joy shines through. All the contributors had the courage and resolve to make things work out, even when things deviated grossly from their plans.

Whether you’re thinking of chasing your own dream, or just want to expand your horizons and read the world, I can heartily recommend this anthology of exotic tales.

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