Andalucia – “More Than Beaches & Party Towns!”

Have I got an Easter Monday treat in store for you, dear readers! A Guide to Overlanding in Andalucia which, as The Orkney Overlanders say, “Has lots more to it than beaches and party towns!”

Our neighbours at The Adventure Overland Show in Stratford

At The Adventure Overland show in Stratford last year, we met some wonderful and inspiring people. Among them were The Orkney Overlanders – Charlotte and Stuart – who happened to be one of our neighbours in Dinky, their ex-military Leyland DAF.

They visited us in December, on their way from the snows of Orkney to the warmth of Spain for the winter.

Stuck in a damp corner of Lancashire, we weren’t at all jealous!

I am delighted to share their post on the best spots to visit in Andalucia.

Driving Through the Gorafe Desert: “Our favourite part of Andalucia” – Orkney Overlanders

For more information about The Orkney Overlanders, including information on choosing and fitting out an overland truck, building your own habitation box, as well as their fabulous shop, check out their website:! You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest via the links on their website.

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Published by Jacqueline Lambert @WorldWideWalkies

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2 thoughts on “Andalucia – “More Than Beaches & Party Towns!”

  1. Oh you met the Orkney Overlanders!! We almost crossed paths in Orkney but missed them by a couple of days – would have been great to meet them. When we get our unimog built and travel back to your side of the world we’ll have to have a great ol’ truckin’ catch up 🚛🚛🚛 (I really think the truck emoji needs some work😳)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome! They always say there are three steps of separation… Charlotte and Stuart are lovely and I’m sure you would have had a great time with them.
    The truck emoji is like The Beast’s horn until we had an air horn fitted! As we drive by, kids often ask us to hoot the horn and it was just too embarrassing! Big Blue’s horn had more street cred than The Beast’s! A bit like David Beckham’s voice – they say he sold it to the devil…

    Liked by 1 person

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