Animal Charities & Volunteering in Albania

Boni, rescued 11 years ago by Dr. Luiza

There are a lot of dogs in need in Albania. We spoke to a French EU representative in Albania who said that sadly, there is still much corruption in Albania, and the funds for neutering and care of strays does not always reach the intended destination.

If you give direct to these charities listed below, particularly those which come with a direct or personal recommendation, you know 100% of your donation goes directly to animals in need.

Animal Veterinar Hospital, Fier

The Animal Veterinar Hospital in Fier runs a sanctuary for dogs and cats. Their love of animals is absolutely clear. To thank them for saving our little Kai’s life when he was attacked by three strays, we made a donation to assist the hospital’s work in providing care and sanctuary for stray animals, particularly disabled ones, such as Boni, who Dr. Luiza found in a canal. He was born with the deformity to his legs.

By giving direct, we knew that the money would be used solely for the benefit of the 4 Paws. The vets provide their work and expertise to strays free of charge, but need the money for food and medicine.

You can make a donation via Paypal on or using the bank transfer details given below. Any amount would be much appreciated!

Here are a few of the pups who will benefit.

Dr. Luiza cuddles our Lani Lulu

JETA Tier und Mensch – JETA Animal & Human

We were given the details of this Swiss charity, JETA Tier und Mensch, by a Lisa, a German lady who volunteered there and had adpoted a dog. JETA aims to help both animals and the humans who work with animals. Jeta is the Albanian word for ‘life’. Here is how they describe their work:

“We are developing something in this country that has never existed before. Not only the love for the animals, but also the love and respect for the people who work with the animals. Because that’s the only way it can and will continue. 

“In a developing country like Albania where corruption is so prevalent, we also give poor people hope for justice. That’s where we start by working with people who have a heart for animals.”

How You Can Help

If you want to help the abandoned dogs, you can:

  • support us with a donation
  • become a member of the association
  • you can adopt a street dog and give it a better life
  • you can sponsor a dog and in this way ensure its care
  • you can also become an active member of the association and work for the welfare of street animals
  • you can go to Albania as a volunteer

Dogs and Cats of Saranda, Albania

Is a Facebook group where you can ask pet-related questions (travel, food, medical care, supplies, grooming, strays, adoptions, volunteering opportunities, etc) and share fun dog and cat photos and videos.

List of other Animal Charities in Albania

Taken from an Albanian expat site:

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For More Information of Taking Dogs to Albania

Check out my post.

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5 thoughts on “Animal Charities & Volunteering in Albania

  1. “One day I will have a farm with 100’s of stray dogs” … that was always my answer when anybody asked me what I want to do when I’m all grown up. Well, I have not managed that yet (but maybe I’m not quite “all grown up” 😉).
    In the meantime, we support several SPCA’s here in South Africa … thank you for the info on Albania’s animal charities (and to know that the money are finding its way to the right place).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You and I are not so different – if and when we stop travelling, I can see myself as a mad old woman in a dressing gown with hundreds of dogs 🙂
    We support Dogs’ Trust in the UK, and of course Britain has the RSPCA, which looks after the interests of all animals with Royal support. Sadly, the poor animals of Albania don’t have the same support network, so I did want to bring their welfare to the fore.
    Thank you so much for reading and commenting. xx


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