Award Winning Children’s Book – It’s A Stray Dog’s Life

I am delighted to share this wonderful interview with Maximilian Sam, award-winning author of It’s A Stray Dog’s Life and It’s a Stray dog’s Life 2. The interview first appeared on the excellent blog Sue’s Musings. Maximilian was determined that his books should be as enjoyable for parents as they are for children, and wonContinue reading “Award Winning Children’s Book – It’s A Stray Dog’s Life”

Animal Charities & Volunteering in Albania

There are a lot of dogs in need in Albania. We spoke to a French EU representative in Albania who said that sadly, there is still much corruption in Albania, and the funds for neutering and care of strays does not always reach the intended destination. If you give direct to these charities listed below,Continue reading “Animal Charities & Volunteering in Albania”