New Travel Memoir From Award-Winning Author – To Hel In A Hound Cart: Journey To The Centre Of Europe

At last, book number five in the Adventure Caravanning With Dogs series, will be released TODAY – Friday 9th December 2022.

Launched to a string of 5* reviews, and achieving #1 New Release status on in the Adventure Travel, Pet Travel, and Eastern Europe Travel categories, you can get your paws on a copy now from Amazon worldwide. The book is available as both an eBook and Paperback.

The pawfect Christmas gift for the dog and travel lover in your life – or why not treat yourself?!

Grab Your Copy of To Hel In A Hound Cart HERE!

Each book is a stand-alone road trip adventure, but the series is consecutive in time, following our adventures since we gave up work to hit the road and live our dreams.

What’s It About?

To Hel in a Hound Cart – Journey To The Centre Of Europe: “Go to Hel!” The local wasn’t being rude. She was describing Poland’s best beach and windsurfing destination. Released from coronavirus lockdown, Jackie and Mark packed themselves and four dogs into their hound cart (RV), but are unsure where their wanderlust might take them. Their adventures soon start stacking up. Dodging precipitous cliff-side roads, political unrest, and a global pandemic, will they make it to Hel in a Hound Cart, or is that what will happen to their plans?

“Exuberant, sparkling with wit, insights, and well-researched historical facts… it’s laugh-out-loud, poignant and superbly written.” Fi Kidd, Overland Adventurer

“Her irrepressible sense of irreverent humour and quest for knowledge once more shine through.” Sue Bavey, Author of Lucky Jack (1894-2000)

Jackie’s Other Books

Adventure Caravanning with Dogs Series

It’s caravanning, but not as you know it…

Year 1 – Fur Babies in France – From Wage Slaves to Living the Dream: is the true story of a couple who accidentally bought their first caravan – then decided to give up work, rent out the house, and tour Europe full-time with their four dogs. This book follows their first year on wheels, which involved lots of breakages and a near-death experience on Day 1.

“Full of fun. Told with excitement, vibrancy, and humour.” Julie Haigh, Goodreads Librarian and Top 1,000 Amazon reviewer.

“Well written, full of bounce and fun.” Valerie Poore, Marvellous Memoirs: Reviews and links

Dog on the Rhine – From Rat Race to Road Trip: Now, with a little caravanning experience under their belts, the crew gets a bit more adventurous and cross Germany, before going on a brief bark around Bohemia and the Balkans (the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia). But lest they mislead you into thinking that Livin’ the Dream is all sunshine and rainbows, they return home to a huge Fidose of reality…

“An inspirational travelogue.” Windyoneuk on

“Makes me want to take my dog, buy a caravan, and go traveling.” Chris on Goodreads

Dogs ‘n’ Dracula – A Road Trip Through Romania:Told they would be robbed, scammed, kidnapped by gypsies, eaten by bears or attacked by wild dogs and wolves, if they managed to avoid the floods, riots – and vampires – the team Boldly Goes Where No Van Has Gone Before. Join them as they explore Europe’s largest wilderness, adopt a street dog, and tow a caravan across the Carpathian Mountains on one of the world’s most dangerous roads.

WINNNER: Chill With A Book Premier Readers’ Award, 2022

FINALIST: Romania Insider Awards for Best Promotion of Romania Abroad, 2019

“Armchair travel delight.” Frances Hampson on

“A delightful book about the nomad lifestyle.” Sharon Geitz, Gum Trees and Galaxies

It Never Rains but it Paws – A Road Trip Through Politics And A Pandemic: Five years after giving up work to travel full-time, Jackie and Mark race against time to leave the UK before Britain exits the EU. If Brexit happens, their four precious pups will lose their pet passports and will be unable to travel. But Brexit isn’t their only obstacle. How do they cope when, a few months into their trip, the pandemic leaves them trapped in the epicentre of Europe’s No.1 coronavirus hotspot?

“Her nimble writing rivals Bill Bryson and Paul Theroux.” Liisa W. on

“A very light-hearted and enjoyable read.” Alison Williams Author, Alison Williams Writing

Jackie has also featured alongside other award-winning and bestselling authors in a number of anthologies. Click HERE to find out more.

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AD (After Dogs) - We retired early to tour Europe in a caravan with four dogs. "To boldly go where no van has gone before". Since 2021, we've been at large in a 24.5-tonne self-converted ex-army truck called The Beast. BC (Before Canines) - we had adventures on every continent other than Antarctica!

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