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The Photo Sociology “I Can Do Better Than a Turner” Photography Award

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This is my photo of Corvinilor Castle in Hunedoara, Transylvania, Romania. Not sure it’s Turner quality, but some people would think that I deserve an award for getting The Fab Four to sit so nicely. And they are awfully cute…

If nothing else, I hope it brings joy and warmth into your day!

You Can Enter Too – It’s Free!

Please feel free to Press this post, re-share it, and post it on your social media accounts. Even if some viewers choose not to enter, they may still visit your site and see the wonderful work that you produce.

To enter the competition please create a WordPress blog post with the title “The Photo Sociology “I Can Do Better Than A Turner” Photography Award” and the copy the following text into your post.

“Have you ever wondered what makes a photographer or an artist famous? Felt that you or others have achieved equal or better results but do not have the same recognition? Who decides that one persons work is worthy of critical acclaim? I saw a winning Turner Prize series of photo’s recently and thought to myself “I can do better than that”.

Do you feel that your photography is better than a photographer that has achieved worldwide recognition? Whether you believe this or not you can enter a photo into this free competition. You may consider yourself to be a photographer or you may not. It doesn’t matter. If you have a camera or smart phone then you can enter.

There is no entry fee.

Any one over 18 can enter this competition and can submit one photo. I cannot accept photos of minors due to the ethics around consent, and any photo that you submit must be taken in a manner that is in keeping with the legal requirements of the country that you reside. If your photo is of an individual then you are responsible for obtaining consent. We will not accept photos of a sexual nature, nor that promotes hate crime or terrorism.

Please visit the gallery website so that you can submit your photo”

Add the photo that you wish to enter into your blog post, and then go to the contact page and in the comments box provide a link to your post. I will then copy your photo and add it to the competition gallery website with a link back to your page. I will only use your photo on the gallery page and you retain the copyright and license. The winner and two runners up will have their post featured on this blog and the competion gallery website.

I am recommending that you nominate people who you follow to enter the competition, the more entries that we have, the larger the community we create.



With Great Powder Comes Great Responsibility!

johannes-langwieder-594285-unsplash - Copy.jpg
With Great Powder Comes Great Responsibility! (Photo by Johannes Langwieder on Unsplash)

“Do you want to ski down seven Chilean volcanoes?” “COUNT ME IN!”

This was how we discovered our tried-and-trusted way to get into the back country safely. We still have a few mountaineering skills to learn (and a head for heights to gain!) before we tackle “The Magnificent Seven” – and I’m not sure that we could take the dogs…

However, before we get on to that, I would like you to understand why it is that Great Powder demands Great Responsibility.

Continue reading “With Great Powder Comes Great Responsibility!”

Bailey ALKO Axle Problem


A copy of an email was published on Bailey UK Owners Facebook page on 9th March 2018. It seems to suggest that Bailey are now addressing the axle problem IF REPORTED, however I am not sure of the veracity of the source. Despite this apparent acknowledgement of an axle issue, Bailey have subsequently still refused to repair some axles on the basis of overloading or pothole damage. There seems to be no logic to who gets a FOC replacement and who doesn’t. A question worth putting to Bailey, since repairs have been made FOC after Bailey have accused the owners of overloading. 

A Facebook Group ‘Bailey Axle Problems Family’ has also been set up to support the large number of owners who have had the same problem with their axle. A copy of the document mentioned above and other useful letters and documents can be found in the photos section of this Facebook page. 

I have received reports that when weighed empty, some Bailey caravans exceed the permitted laden weight. When Bailey were asked the question “Do you weigh all caravans off the production line?” the answer was effectively ‘No’! (From Jo Barrington, Bailey’s Customer Services Co-ordinator; “All prototype and show caravans and motorhome are weighed and approved by the NCC. All vehicles build thereafter are made in the same way and meet the same requirements and allowed tolerance.” So Bailey are allowed tolerances but customers are not!) Click here for a link to Authorised Testing Facilities where you can weigh your caravan.  It may pay to check!

A Word version of the document that we prepared is available if you click here. Hopefully, you can edit it and it will help you if you need to take up your case with the courts.

The Problem

It seems that there is barely a week goes by on the Bailey forums where some poor owner does not post that they have had the dreaded Bailey Alko Axle problem and been told by Bailey that it is their fault, because they overloaded their van ‘at some time’.

The axle on our 2-year-old Vigo collapsed and were told exactly that. We KNEW that we had never overloaded our van. As a scientist and former Road Haulage Manager, our knowledge and experience put us in a rather unique position to question Bailey, however.

We put together the information below to support our case and informed Bailey that we would take them to the Small Claims Court and “Publicise our plight via every media available to us.”  We paid for the repair up front to expedite the return of our caravan (I have heard of warranty issues taking months to resolve.) Nevertheless, Bailey eventually agreed to replace our axle free of charge. It came without apology and with careful avoidance of any mention of ‘warranty’ or even ‘goodwill’ which could suggest fault on their part!

I have shared this information with a number of people who found themselves in the same position with Bailey. Bailey’s first stance is always to blame the customer (‘overloading at some time’ or ‘hitting a pothole at some time’) but I am pleased to say that in every case, the axle was ultimately replaced free of charge when the customer challenged Bailey.

Therefore, if you find yourself in this unfortunate position, I hope that the information here will be helpful. My advice is to be persistent. The axle problem is common and personally, I believe that it is something that Bailey should address. I find it difficult to believe that it is the fault of countless careless owners overloading their vans. C’mon Bailey. Play fair. That’s all we ask. Continue reading “Bailey ALKO Axle Problem”