The Photo Sociology “I Can Do Better Than a Turner” Photography Award

This is my photo of Corvinilor Castle in Hunedoara, Transylvania, Romania. Not sure it’s Turner quality, but some people would think that I deserve an award for getting The Fab Four to sit so nicely. And they are awfully cute… If nothing else, I hope it brings joy and warmth into your day! You CanContinue reading “The Photo Sociology “I Can Do Better Than a Turner” Photography Award”

With Great Powder Comes Great Responsibility!

“Do you want to ski down seven Chilean volcanoes?” “COUNT ME IN!” This was how we discovered our tried-and-trusted way to get into the back country safely. We still have a few mountaineering skills to learn (and a head for heights to gain!) before we tackle “The Magnificent Seven” – and I’m not sure thatContinue reading “With Great Powder Comes Great Responsibility!”

Bailey ALKO Axle Problem

UPDATE A copy of an email was published on Bailey UK Owners Facebook page on 9th March 2018. It seems to suggest that Bailey are now addressing the axle problem IF REPORTED, however I am not sure of the veracity of the source. Despite this apparent acknowledgement of an axle issue, Bailey have subsequently stillContinue reading “Bailey ALKO Axle Problem”