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Life In Lockdown – Our Coronavirus Quarantine in Italy


On Tuesday, 10th March 2020, Italy was locked down in a bid to control the largest Coronavirus outbreak outside China.

According to Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, ‘locked down’ means, “I stay home.”

The borders are closed and there are restrictions on all but essential travel. Pretty much everything is closed, other than food shops and pharmacies. Although tourists will apparently be allowed home, they have to justify their movements.

But just because we could move, does that mean that we should?

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How to Survive Coronavirus – Even If You’re Caught in a Hotspot

Coronavirus – so called because it looks like a crown

I try to find a balance between sense & sensational

Life was normal a couple of weeks ago. Then, the new strain of Coronavirus landed in Italy. Subsequently, everywhere north of Pisa was declared a Coronavirus hotspot.

Unwittingly, Mark and I are caught in the epicentre. We are spending our winter skiing in Northern Italy, which makes us extra keen to appraise ourselves of the facts relating to Coronavirus and how to keep ourselves safe.

Precautions have been put in place by the Italian authorities, although life in Italy continues pretty much as normal. The British media, on the other hand, seems to have launched into the usual Doomsday frenzy of hysteria and scaremongering. Continue reading “How to Survive Coronavirus – Even If You’re Caught in a Hotspot”