Pups on SUPs: Stand Up Paddle Boarding with your Dog

For many years B.C. (Before Canines) I was a Board Housewife, so a desire to share the water with my Fur Babies is only natural. This post was first published as a guest post for Travelnuity – Dog Friendly Travel Around the World. Click this link to see the article on Travelnuity. I have updatedContinue reading “Pups on SUPs: Stand Up Paddle Boarding with your Dog”

A Postcard from Quiberon – Part 2

Lost At Sea; French by Numbers; Culinary Capers.. Greg, our Best Man asked us if we think we will survive this trip and I must admit, I do wonder. Our caravan learning curve has certainly involved a lot of destruction, although Mark calling me clumsy is like the pot and the kettle. He came inContinue reading “A Postcard from Quiberon – Part 2”