Break for the Border – NE France; Sézanne to Vilsberg

If you want to experience adrenaline; drive a large caravan around Paris. To increase the thrill still further; be a passenger in the tow vehicle!

Operation Overload – A Caravan Catastrophe!

A Caravan Catastrophe, a Delayed Departure & some Emergency Extinguishing! We were on the way out of the door because we had just received a phone call; “Your caravan is ready to collect from its service.” The second phone call, ten minutes later, informed us “Your caravan is unfit to drive.” The word ‘axle’ wasContinue reading “Operation Overload – A Caravan Catastrophe!”

Too Much Cock? A Wiggle to Wellington

Is it Possible to Have Too Much Cock? We investigate an outbreak of Double Entendre in Somerset. It was HUGE! “You can’t leave! You’re part of the furniture and you’re model campers!” I wondered whether the wardens of Verwood Camping and Caravanning Club Site knew how pleased and relieved The Jobsworths had been to seeContinue reading “Too Much Cock? A Wiggle to Wellington”