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Of Mice & Men – Éguisheim, Alsace, France

The Fab Four in front of the St Leon fountain, Éguisheim’s own Pope

“For breakfast, they have a massive bowl of coffee, like a cereal bowl, and they dip in pieces of a huge, bell-shaped cake, called Kugelhopf!”

These were the awed observations of cultural differences, relayed to my parents, following my first ever trip abroad. Aged 14, I had been on a school exchange to Alsace to learn French.

As if cake for breakfast were not enough! Alsace is a magical place of wine, castles and culture tucked next to the Rhine in north-east France, right on the German border. Continue reading “Of Mice & Men – Éguisheim, Alsace, France”

“I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Cluny” – The City of the Horse, Bourgogne, France

Cluny Abbey

Since the caravan brakes didn’t fail and we’ve already used up the stress-making options of a Kamikaze Lorry and towing a caravan through the Mistral, Mark tried to add a different layer of excitement to our departure. As he loaded the bikes on to the van, he tried to amputate the end of his finger on my spokes.

Stemming the flow of husbandly blood is always a fine prelude to a road trip. Continue reading ““I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Cluny” – The City of the Horse, Bourgogne, France”

A Week in Provence – Moustiers-Sainte-Marie & SUP in the Gorges du Verdon

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie; the Notre Dame chapel is above the village, beneath the rock spire

The Gorges du Verdon is the most wonderful part of France that you’ve never heard of.

At least Mark and I hadn’t. I can’t understand why; what, with it being the world’s second largest canyon next to the Grand Canyon. Mark has seen the Grand Canyon, so could offer a comparison,

“The Grand Canyon is so big that it’s almost impossible to take in. It’s impressive, because it’s huge and spectacular, but Verdon is truly beautiful.” Continue reading “A Week in Provence – Moustiers-Sainte-Marie & SUP in the Gorges du Verdon”

Hill Towns & Cloud Forests – Saluzzo & Pian Munè, Italy

Saluzzo with Monviso in the background. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Founded in 1,000AD, Saluzzo is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the Italian region of Piedmont. It occupies a striking hill top position, with the imposing, pyramidal peak of Monviso, ‘The Stone King’ as a backdrop. Saluzzo takes its name from the Salluvii, one of the tribes who first settled in the area while Il Re di Pietra – The Stone King is allegedly a candidate for the mountain on which Paramount Pictures modelled their logo. Continue reading “Hill Towns & Cloud Forests – Saluzzo & Pian Munè, Italy”