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Can You Perfect a Pun at Punat? Island of Krk, Croatia

A Pun King (My Dad) challenged me to make a pun-at Punat. Since he is my favourite Pun Pal, I told him it could be orange-d.

We thought we were going to die last night. Continue reading “Can You Perfect a Pun at Punat? Island of Krk, Croatia”

Krk to Enterprise – & Naughty, Naked Nudity! Island of Krk, Croatia.

The joy of being a windsurfer. Forecast; wind & no rain. Actual; No wind, rain & thunderstorms!

Krk here.

I was looking forward to my first windsurf in 3 months. It is nice to be reminded what it is to be a windsurfer; sitting in the van in the rain saying “it will get up soon!”

Forecast; 25kts NE; no rain.

Actual, 9kts SE; precipitation and thunderstorms! So once again, we are REAL WINDSURFERS! Not actually windsurfing… (for more on this, see my blog ‘How to Blag Your Way in Windsurfing’ which explains in full the fascination of this wonderful sport!) Continue reading “Krk to Enterprise – & Naughty, Naked Nudity! Island of Krk, Croatia.”

Krk Here, Star Date 11709.1, Island of Krk, Croatia

Kismet, just feet from the Adriatic on the Island of Krk, Croatia

We left Slovenia in a thunderstorm and fled to Croatia, seeking sunshine. Continue reading “Krk Here, Star Date 11709.1, Island of Krk, Croatia”

Walks Into Our View – Soča River, Slovenia

Our First Walk Into our View

I love the Ordnance Survey. I learnt to navigate with OS maps and find them brilliantly detailed. However, Slovenian leisure maps could teach even the OS a thing or two! Detailing all the footpaths and cycle ways with itineraries and elevation diagrams – and grading the river for kayakers, we decided that Slovenian maps are Brilliant!

Of course, this didn’t mean that we failed to get lost… Continue reading “Walks Into Our View – Soča River, Slovenia”