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Gravestones, Gnomes & Złoty Pies, Wrocław, Poland

Market Square, Wrocław

In our sights was a cosmopolitan municipality whose university produced nine Nobel laureates and a quirky anti-communist resistance movement. A centre for locomotive manufacture, it’s a place where you can get footplate experiences on the last scheduled steam passenger service in the world.

Over the centuries, it has been known by many names, including Breslau and Vratislav. Its abundant appellations are a prism which separates out a microcosm of Poland’s troubled history.

Wrocław is billed not only as the largest city in Western Poland and the capital of Silesia, but one of the oldest and most beautiful.

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Journey to the Centre of Europe, Bolków, Poland

A Polish man went for an eye test.

“Can you read the chart?” the optician asked

“Read it?” he replied, “I know him!”

My home town of Blackburn, Lancashire has a large Polish community, so unlike Czech, I can claim some form with Polish pronunciation.

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Kokořín to Český ráj – ‘Bohemian Paradise’, Czech Republic

Malá Skála; Vranov Castle (Pantheon) as seen in tourist brochures.
Unmodified, courtesy of Martin Veselka on Wikimedia, link to the licence here.

Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak…

“Can’t you see the funny side?” I asked a rather grumpy Mark.

Children playing nicely can add to the ambience of a campsite. As we tucked into Frankie’s breakfast special on the terrace that morning, the sound of three toddlers enjoying the sandpit was a genuine pleasure. Kokořín had exceeded all expectations, although moving to a place called Český ráj – Bohemian Paradise had launched our hopes into the exosphere.

But we made a terrible mistake.

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