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“Frankly my Dear…” – A BIG SURPRISE at Edersee National Park

Frankly my dear – I do give a dam!

We turned right at Koblenz.

We had driven up the Rhine from Bacharach, carefully avoiding taking a ferry. It seemed a bit too professional for us in any case. It actually looked like boat, rather than the motorised beaver dam that had transported both us and our precious caravan over the River Neckar a week or so before! Continue reading ““Frankly my Dear…” – A BIG SURPRISE at Edersee National Park”

Dog on the Rhine – A Quick Way to Get Schlossed!

A view across the rooftops of Bacharach; the mighty Rhine in the background.

A word of advice. If you don’t like castles, wine and half-timbered houses, do not come to the Rhineland!

It was another beautiful day; we waited until it was cooler to take the dogs out for a walk through Bacharach, which is a pretty cobbled town with lovely old, timber framed houses. We walked up a pathway to the vineyards and were treated to beautiful views across the rooftops over the town. Continue reading “Dog on the Rhine – A Quick Way to Get Schlossed!”

Dog on the Rhine – Ein Scheißtag, Campsite Sonnenstrand, Bacharach

Our view over the Rhine from Bacharach.

It started with spilt milk. No point crying over that but I did cry when we nearly died while joining the autobahn.

Something we have never seen before – a ‘Give Way’ (unmarked and unsigned!) instead of a slip road on to the motorway. All I remember is the back of a 40 tonne tautliner swinging across our nose and any semblance of the lane in front of us that we thought was a slip road disappearing with horrific speed.

Continue reading “Dog on the Rhine – Ein Scheißtag, Campsite Sonnenstrand, Bacharach”