“Frankly my Dear…” – A BIG SURPRISE at Edersee National Park

We turned right at Koblenz. We had driven up the Rhine from Bacharach, carefully avoiding taking a ferry. It seemed a bit too professional for us in any case. It actually looked like boat, rather than the motorised beaver dam that had transported both us and our precious caravan over the River Neckar a weekContinue reading ““Frankly my Dear…” – A BIG SURPRISE at Edersee National Park”

Dog on the Rhine – Ohhhhhhh-ning!

02:14 it started raining. I got up and closed the roof lights. 06:49 we were awoken by a loud crash. I got a sense of a large person vaulting over me in bed, emitting a long, ghostly moan “Ooooooh-ning…”

Dog on the Rhine – A Quick Way to Get Schlossed!

A word of advice. If you don’t like castles, wine and half-timbered houses, do not come to the Rhineland! It was another beautiful day; we waited until it was cooler to take the dogs out for a walk through Bacharach, which is a pretty cobbled town with lovely old, timber framed houses. We walked upContinue reading “Dog on the Rhine – A Quick Way to Get Schlossed!”