Back in Britain; a Fidose of Reality – Part 2

If you have been walking with us for some time, you will know that our returns to the UK are never straightforward – and this one had reached an unprecedented zenith of complexity. We had only arrived on British soil in November; however, by Christmas we had fitted in an assault, a boundary dispute, wildContinue reading “Back in Britain; a Fidose of Reality – Part 2”

Riots in Calais, Torrents on the Thames & The Long Drive Back to Long Pants

“Riot Police have been drafted into Calais because of ‘Chaos’ with migrants and Operation ‘Stack’ is in force at Dover.” Up popped the happy news on the internet.

Zen and the Art of Caravan Maintenance – From Garda to Gressoney, Italy

Mark made a sly, nocturnal foray on to the roof of the caravan with a set of clippers. The following day, we found a note on the caravan requesting our presence at the Campsite Reception. With our history of evictions, we were more than a little worried.

Gallivanting on Garda – A Few of the Fab Four’s Favourites!

You are often urged to ‘buy local’ but on our travels, we have discovered that in terms of maps, that can be a serious problem! In Monte Rosa, we had to send off to Stamfords of London to get a detailed, topographical map of the area. On Garda, we could get any number of cyclingContinue reading “Gallivanting on Garda – A Few of the Fab Four’s Favourites!”