Walks Into Our View – Soča River, Slovenia

I love the Ordnance Survey. I learnt to navigate with OS maps and find them brilliantly detailed. However, Slovenian leisure maps could teach even the OS a thing or two! Detailing all the footpaths and cycle ways with itineraries and elevation diagrams – and grading the river for kayakers, we decided that Slovenian maps areContinue reading “Walks Into Our View – Soča River, Slovenia”

A Picturesque Pet Shop Run; Kranjska Gora, Triglav & The Vršič Pass, Slovenia.

Bright sunshine lit up the peaks around us, but today was laundry day. We were right out of pants and our cupboards contained even less than Old Mother Hubbard’s! The caravan water pump was sounding a little iffy. “We could set up something with a bit of height and siphon the water straight into theContinue reading “A Picturesque Pet Shop Run; Kranjska Gora, Triglav & The Vršič Pass, Slovenia.”

Escape from Austria – to ‘The Most Beautiful River in the World’, Slovenia

Be brave & have faith – there is almost always something better around the corner! We were upset to have been booted out of the beautiful mountains in Austria but the moment we entered Slovenia, my jaw dropped. It re-clenched again only as we descended the many vertiginous hairpins of the Predel (or Predil) Pass.Continue reading “Escape from Austria – to ‘The Most Beautiful River in the World’, Slovenia”

Camping Temel Altausee – A Musical Campsite Review

Camping Temel Altausee To the tune of Hotel California by ‘The Eagles’ On a dark mountain highway, cold wind in my hair Warm smell of the heaters, rising up through the air. Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering lake The dogs looked happy but the night looked grim We had to stopContinue reading “Camping Temel Altausee – A Musical Campsite Review”