Hill Towns & Cloud Forests – Saluzzo & Pian Munè, Italy

Founded in 1,000AD, Saluzzo is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the Italian region of Piedmont. It occupies a striking hill top position, with the imposing, pyramidal peak of Monviso, ‘The Stone King’ as a backdrop. Saluzzo takes its name from the Salluvii, one of the tribes who first settled in the area whileContinue reading “Hill Towns & Cloud Forests – Saluzzo & Pian Munè, Italy”

Dogs in Barolo Wine Museum & A Template for a Long Lost Tattoo

“How does Mark decide on designs for his tattoos?” Another question that we’re often asked. All of his tattoos have significance, but as with, “How do you decide where to go on your travels?” – it is a question with an equally convoluted answer.

Agricamping Corte Comotto, Verona, Italy

“IMPOSS-I-BILE!” We had viewed an apartment for the winter ski season, which had a large parcel of land to the side. “IMPOSS-I-BILE!” was the very Italian reaction to our commitment to pay a deposit straight away if we could leave our caravan parked in a discreet corner of the land over the winter. I saidContinue reading “Agricamping Corte Comotto, Verona, Italy”

Gallivanting on Garda – A Few of the Fab Four’s Favourites!

You are often urged to ‘buy local’ but on our travels, we have discovered that in terms of maps, that can be a serious problem! In Monte Rosa, we had to send off to Stamfords of London to get a detailed, topographical map of the area. On Garda, we could get any number of cyclingContinue reading “Gallivanting on Garda – A Few of the Fab Four’s Favourites!”