Dog on the Rhine – Ein Scheißtag, Campsite Sonnenstrand, Bacharach

Our view over the Rhine from Bacharach.

It started with spilt milk. No point crying over that but I did cry when we nearly died while joining the autobahn.

Something we have never seen before – a ‘Give Way’ (unmarked and unsigned!) instead of a slip road on to the motorway. All I remember is the back of a 40 tonne tautliner swinging across our nose and any semblance of the lane in front of us that we thought was a slip road disappearing with horrific speed.

An artist’s impression of the last thing I thought I would ever see!

Shocked and desolate, I sniffled as we drove past traffic jams in the rain. Things didn’t improve after we had set up at our campsite. Lani suddenly became really poorly and we both thought she was going to die. I had been playing ball with her when she suddenly vomited so violently that she cried out in pain and ran whimpering into my arms. She was very, very sick, vomiting white foam, her tongue and gums went very pale and she became so wobbly that she was unable to stand up.

I pleaded with Mark to go and get details of a vet from reception as I was concerned that she had been poisoned. The dogs had all been playing in the Rhine and there was some weed along the bank. Never one to under-react, I managed to convince myself that it was poisonous blue-green algae. As we both expected, since it was out of hours, there was no answer. (It was either going to be that or an answer in German that we didn’t understand. I just needed to feel that we were DOING something!)

We rang the emergency number of our own vet. They said that it was probably bloat, which can be very dangerous, but they reassured us and told us just to keep an eye on Lani. I hadn’t seen her drink excessively, but she had been playing in the river and after a hot car journey, had possibly drunk or accidentally ingested lots of water; she does enjoy pawing the water then snapping at the bubbles that she creates.

Our English neighbours, Mary and Andy were very sweet and concerned. Lani settled with me and slept, curled up in my stomach. Poor little girl, she was so weak. We set up the sofa bed and Mark slept there with Lani so that she could have a settled night’s sleep without being disturbed by the other dogs.

All in all, it was a bit of ein Scheißtag – a sh** day!

Pups on SUPs – Paddle Boarding on the Rhine!

By the morning, our little Pocket Rocket was back on form!

The best sound that we had heard for some time was Rosie grumbling at Lani the following morning. The annoying little sister had started doing her thing; swinging off Rosie’s beard and licking Rosie’s face in the manner of using her tongue to creosote a fence. It looked like our little Pocket Rocket was back on form and I can’t tell you how happy that made us! She polished off a bland, invalid’s breakfast of fish and rice like she hadn’t eaten for weeks. We couldn’t believe that she had recovered so quickly from being so very sick!

Nevertheless, we decided to take it easy with Lani. We had a very lazy morning; got up late then went back to bed for a snooze for about 3 hours! It was a lovely warm day, so we got out the SUPs and paddled out to the island in the middle of the river. Mark, of course, had to go and try to shoot the rapids. He fell off and scored a nice bruise to the hip.

Rosie seeks refuge from a recovered Lani as we have a lazy morning!

I really wished that I had taken my camera to get a shot of the pups on the paddle boards with the impressive fortress of Burg Stahlek on the hillside behind!

Bacharach really is a lovely spot. We were right on the river and at the quiet end of the campsite. Little silver fish were jumping in the shallows and we had a beautiful view across the river to a church and vineyards. Even our loo overlooked the magnificent Burg Stahleck!

P1060937 Loo with a view. Burg Stahlek
A loo with a view – Burg Stahleck as seen from our toilet window!

We made plans to stay for a while!

Join us next time when we get schlossed! (A constitutional of castles and wine!)

If you enjoy my blog, I would love to hear your thoughts, experiences or any tips in the comments section!

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