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World Wide Walkies ‘From Calais to Slovenia’ – featured by Eurotunnel Le Shuttle!


“In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” -Andy Warhol 

At World Wide Walkies, we seem to have achieved at least a couple of our fifteen minutes of fame…

This month, World Wide Walkies “From Calais to Slovenia on a Pawsome Adventure” – featuring The Fab Four – appeared in the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle newsletter. (Click on the link or click here to go to the original article.)

I have told the Pawsome Foursome not to let fame go to their heads. They said that they won’t let it change them and will still freely give Pawtographs – particularly to anyone who happens to be wearing white trousers…!

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“Dogs Off The Lead Vill NOT be Shot! – The Saxon Swiss National Park, Germany

Lilienstein – our first view of the Saxon Swiss National Park!

Deemed “One of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe” it confuses most people to learn that, while Saxon Switzerland (Sächsische Schweiz) IS in Saxony, it is absolutely NOWHERE near Switzerland!

The name was coined by two Swiss artists, Adrian Zing and Anton Graff, who felt that the strange landscape near Dresden, in Eastern Germany, reminded them of their homeland. Since it seemed a more romantic title than ‘The Heath above Schandau’ (Heide über Schandau) as part of the area was knowntheir name stuck – and was even pinched where the Elbe mountains continue into the Czech Republic, which became known as Bohemian Switzerland.

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On the Road – You Must be Brave and Tireless…

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The Art of Conversation; Grandma’s Advice on the Maintenance of Marital Bliss & Cracking Codes (You WILL see what I did there..!)

Mark and I are ‘differently organised’.

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Travelling from the UK to Europe & Back with Dogs

Splendid Isolation – has kept the UK rabies-free!

Surrounded by sea in Splendid Isolation, Britain has understandably been very protective about keeping herself free from dangerous diseases, such as Rabies. Thankfully, since the development of an effective Rabies vaccine, the PETS (Pet Travel Scheme) allows pets to enter the UK if certain criteria are met. So, gone are the days when pets returning to the UK required 6 months in quarantine.

We are asked frequently about the red-tape involved in taking our pets abroad. You need to be aware of the requirements. However, once your furry friend has an EU Pet Passport, travel is usually very straightforward.

To help, I have written this guide, which highlights all you need to know about Pet Passports, entry requirements, banned breeds – and the best and most comfortable ways for your pets to travel.

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