It’s Here! ‘Wish You Were Here’ Travel Anthology Launched Today

Favourite holidays and special travel memories are shared in this anthology featuring twenty award-winning and top travel memoir authors, including yours truly!

Hunting Dragons; Barefootin’ in Dog-Friendly Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bojana, the owner of Kamp Tura had promised us a proper pitch when someone moved, however we hadn’t realised that it was on a first-come-first-served basis. The campsite was full and pitches that became vacant disappeared immediately!

Three Campsites & a Graveyard. The Sandal Saga in Slovenia!

“You can stay here if you want!” cackled the old woman, as she rearranged the flowers on the grave that she was tending. We had reached a dead end, quite literally, next to a cemetery in Slovenia. We had come from Verona and had been on the road for hours. We were looking for ourContinue reading “Three Campsites & a Graveyard. The Sandal Saga in Slovenia!”