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How Travel Journals Led Me to Publish Four Books

Armchair Travel delight

“Keep a diary, and someday, it will keep you.”

Attributed to Mae West, Margot Asquith, Lily Langtry & Anonymous!

Making a living from writing is difficult, but not impossible, although writing books and making money is certainly not the reason that I started keeping travel journals.

My memory is terrible, so when people used to ask me things like,

“What did you do on your trip-of-a-lifetime to Zimbabwe?”

I would say things like, “Er. Nothing much…”

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10 Tips to Titivate Your Travel Journal

Interesting_travel_journal (2)
We got up and had breakfast. I had cereal. Then we…

What’s wrong with this?

“We got up and had breakfast. I had cereal with a coffee but Mark went off piste and had tea instead! I fed the dogs then we went for a walk. It was beautiful! We had sandwiches for lunch, went shopping then had dinner overlooking the beach. The sunset was beautiful. We love it here!!!!”

If you think it’s fine, you don’t need this blog.

If it makes you ask the following questions, read on;

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