St Coulomb – Back Home to Mr Cock Up!

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill It was a long-ish drive from Noirmoutier to St Coulomb, near St Malo – the last stop of our French Odyessy. It appears that we have been getting a bit cocky with our caravan skills and it was time forContinue reading “St Coulomb – Back Home to Mr Cock Up!”

Island Life – Île de Noirmoutier

Moulins, Malodorous Mongrels & Mission Mussel! Saturday – We had planned to visit the town of Noirmoutier, but as I walked the dogs on the beach, there was an emergency. A chap and his son were just launching their windsurfers. The son was a beginner, but the chap planed into the distance on his firstContinue reading “Island Life – Île de Noirmoutier”

Holy Fools – Île de Noirmoutier

              In Search of The World’s Most Expensive Potato, The Longest Submersible Road in Europe & The Perfect Storm. 14th September – We wondered if we had made a mistake leaving Oléron. As we departed the Charente Maritime for the Vendée, we drove through a featureless coastal plain toContinue reading “Holy Fools – Île de Noirmoutier”

Island Life – Boyardville, Île d’Oléron

A Storm in a Teacup; The Ubiquitous Evil & The Wrong Kind of Wind! 8th September: The dogs were suddenly excited. Even we were aware of the delicious, briny smell of the sea as we crossed the bridge on to the Île d’Oléron. At 22 miles long, Île d’Oléron is France’s second largest island afterContinue reading “Island Life – Boyardville, Île d’Oléron”