From Wage Slaves to Living the Dream – Our First Book in Print!

We are delighted to announce that our first book is now available on Amazon, just  in time for Christmas!

So. What Did We Learn?!

We Made the Mistakes so that You Don’t Have To! We had never owned a caravan before. However, we Accidentally bought a Caravan, gave up work and made the decision to live in it full-time and tour Europe… We went from First Timers to Full-Timers in a month – and it was a steep learning curve!Continue reading “So. What Did We Learn?!”

And in Conclusion…

Brrrrr! We had frost on our awning today, but we were cuddly-cosy in the caravan! The coldest November day for 6 years, apparently. We are reflective as our first year of unexpected adventures draws to a close and we head towards Christmas at Hunter’s Moon Caravan Club Site, Wareham. And in conclusion – it isContinue reading “And in Conclusion…”

Black Monday – Trouble at t’Mill, Lancashire.

“Travel Broadens the Vocabulary.” A woman once said this. That woman was me. And I said it today – the most vocabulary-broadening day of our trip so far. Only yesterday, we had met up with friends in Donington and had been telling them what a wonderful lifestyle ours is; touring in a caravan; seeing newContinue reading “Black Monday – Trouble at t’Mill, Lancashire.”