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Break for the Border; 1st Stop – Radon, Normandy.

“We must thank the Lord for dogs!”

I walked the dogs before our departure and my little friend, who was having a wash at the drinking water tap, started on about the dogs. Last night he had asked my why on earth I had four and added “One dog is e-nuff. What about your ‘usband?!”

It seemed he was being a little tongue in cheek. “They are your friends?” he asked this morning. I told him that they gave me much love and joy. “We must thank the Lord for dogs!” he replied. Continue reading “Break for the Border; 1st Stop – Radon, Normandy.”

Le Cock-Up on the Côte d’Émeraude


On the Maladroit Mastery of Multiple Moves, the Perilous Pitfalls of Polarity & the Liabilities of Loss & Levelling!

Our final stop, St Coulomb is on a peninsula; we have a Left Beach and a Right Beach to choose from. We took our first evening stroll on Right Beach. It is unbelievably beautiful!

It was a golden autumn evening, with a deep blue sea rolling in and crashing on the sand. The jagged rocks of two small islands punctuated the bay, with white waves and spray swirling around them. Paragliders added colour to the skyline. For our 17th anniversary, there was even a lighthouse in the distance! (We were married in a lighthouse!)

We walked to both ends of the beach – the second end proving to have the most points of interest. We had, yet again, stumbled into a naturist area. On my 17th wedding anniversary, I had not expected to see another man’s penis! Continue reading “Le Cock-Up on the Côte d’Émeraude”

St Coulomb – Back Home to Mr Cock Up!

The view on which we set our hearts. But was it worth it?!

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill

It was a long-ish drive from Noirmoutier to St Coulomb, near St Malo – the last stop of our French Odyessy.

It appears that we have been getting a bit cocky with our caravan skills and it was time for the gods to hand us a leveller. Mark had nonchalantly reversed onto our pitch at Barbâtre perfectly; first time. However, it appears that we were to end our trip the way we began – on a colossal note of incompetence…! Continue reading “St Coulomb – Back Home to Mr Cock Up!”

Island Life – Île de Noirmoutier

Rather inspiring, possibly a little sad; graffiti adorning one of the WWII coastal defences on the beach at Barbâtre.

Moulins, Malodorous Mongrels & Mission Mussel!

Saturday – We had planned to visit the town of Noirmoutier, but as I walked the dogs on the beach, there was an emergency.

A chap and his son were just launching their windsurfers. The son was a beginner, but the chap planed into the distance on his first reach! I raced back to the caravan. I had left Mark de-rigging, because no more wind was forecast. Fortunately, in my short absence, he had only taken down yesterday’s tiny sail, so I rushed straight back to the beach with my larger kit and had a cheeky, lovely hour! Continue reading “Island Life – Île de Noirmoutier”