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A Dog-Friendly Wine Tour, Barolo, Italy

“Wine is the roar of the earth towards the sky” at Rocche dei Manzoni

Lovin’ the Langhe – Land of Wine, Hazlenuts & Truffles

“How do you plan where to go on your trips?”

A good question. It is one that we’re often asked, although, the answer is not straightforward. Continue reading “A Dog-Friendly Wine Tour, Barolo, Italy”

The Fur-Friendly Ferry to France

Our Pet-Friendly Cabin

We Try Brittany Ferries’ New VIP (Very Important Puppy) Service

From Bournemouth, it was always a long diversion, but it meant that we the dogs could stay with us during the crossing. However, our relationship with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle ended abruptly with a 4,500% price hike. Continue reading “The Fur-Friendly Ferry to France”

Escape from Austria – to ‘The Most Beautiful River in the World’, Slovenia

Mark’s reaction on entering Slovenia. It says it all!

Be brave & have faith – there is almost always something better around the corner!

We were upset to have been booted out of the beautiful mountains in Austria but the moment we entered Slovenia, my jaw dropped. It re-clenched again only as we descended the many vertiginous hairpins of the Predel (or Predil) Pass.

As we topped Predel at 1156m (5,285ft), all we could see were the bright, white limestone peaks of the Julian Alps soaring into the air over deep chasms of emerald green, far below. The pyramids were faced with limestone so that they shone out in the landscape; this was far more impressive. My camera ran out of battery as I tried in vain to capture the amazing views that greeted every turn. Continue reading “Escape from Austria – to ‘The Most Beautiful River in the World’, Slovenia”