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Lockdown Life – Into thin Air: Hiking the Valle di Salza

The Fab Four on our last ‘big’ (& dry) walk in Monte Rosa, with the Rothorn behind

“The Valle dei Principi (the Valley of the Princes) or the Loo Valley are both really beautiful,” Ezio from the ski shop Ambaradanspitz in Staffal told us.

He pronounced it ‘the Low Valley’, but, since I am childishly drawn to places with slightly rude names, Loo had already been on my radar for a while.

Although lockdown in Italy had lifted, a relentless fortnight of heavy rain put paid to most of our more grandiose hiking plans. Continue reading “Lockdown Life – Into thin Air: Hiking the Valle di Salza”

Our First Taste of Freedom on Star Wars Day!


Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You!) had special significance for us this year.

It was the day that the coronavirus lockdown in Italy was relaxed to the extent that we are allowed to go Out-Out. As in Out Properly. On a jaunt. We can now walk and exercise outside and drive together in the car, so long as we stay within our own region. The sun even had the grace to shine upon our first day of freedom.

After being in lockdown since 8th March and unable to leave the house since 20th March, I had to resist the urge to drive all the way to Mont Blanc for no other reason than because we can!

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