Lockdown Life – A Wander with Wild Flowers & Wildlife

The only difference between Lockdown Life and Groundhog Day seems to be that the scene outside has changed. In the film, actor Bill Murray’s window opened daily on the same snowy landscape, although he was not in isolation. For us, seventy-two days into lockdown, the Alpine scenery has moved decisively from winter to spring. EvenContinue reading “Lockdown Life – A Wander with Wild Flowers & Wildlife”

Lockdown Life – 8,000ft Walkies to The Source of the River Lys

Let no-one call a Cavapoo frou-frou. “Did someone switch off the Matrix?” I asked Mark when he opened the shutters on the day. In a perfect metaphor for coronavirus lockdown, the entire world beyond our garden had vanished! All we could see was a grey emptiness; as though we were the only remaining oasis ofContinue reading “Lockdown Life – 8,000ft Walkies to The Source of the River Lys”

Our First Taste of Freedom on Star Wars Day!

Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You!) had special significance for us this year. It was the day that the coronavirus lockdown in Italy was relaxed to the extent that we are allowed to go Out-Out. As in Out Properly. On a jaunt. We can now walk and exercise outside and drive togetherContinue reading “Our First Taste of Freedom on Star Wars Day!”

Winter Walkies in Monte Rosa

Monte Rosa prides itself on being Dog Friendly. That said, we could find NO information whatsoever on how and where to walk dogs before we arrived in the ski area. Of course, once we arrived, we sussed it out ourselves and it was actually very straightforward! Here are my Top Tips on winter walking. RouteContinue reading “Winter Walkies in Monte Rosa”