On The Road – You can Listen to the Wireless!

If you travel with dogs, it is inevitable that you will, at some point, travel with a sick puppy. Of course, the best time for this to happen is when, for one night and one night only, you are staying in a dog-friendly hotel room with white linen and – what were they thinking?!!! Carpets…

On the Road – You Must be Brave and Tireless…

The Art of Conversation; Grandma’s Advice on the Maintenance of Marital Bliss & Cracking Codes (You WILL see what I did there..!) Mark and I are ‘differently organised’. It caused a last-minute panic.

Driving with Dogs; 10 Tips for Happy Hounds

Includes FREE Printable Packing List! Our Continental Cavapoos are seasoned travellers. We’ve had Fur Babies in France, Dog on the Rhine, Dogs ‘n’ Dracula and Pups on Piste. Once, they traversed Austria, Italy and Slovenia in a single day! In our chosen lifestyle, the journey is as much part of the experience as the arrival.Continue reading “Driving with Dogs; 10 Tips for Happy Hounds”

Travelling from the UK to Europe & Back with Dogs

Updated with new information January 2021. Surrounded by sea in Splendid Isolation, Britain has understandably been very protective about keeping herself free from dangerous diseases, such as Rabies. Thankfully, the development of an effective Rabies vaccine saw the end of the 6 month quarantine for pets returning to the UK.  Since Britain left the EUContinue reading “Travelling from the UK to Europe & Back with Dogs”